2002 Toyota Sequoia Questions

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Replaced broken raer hatch handle with an all metal one but now handlen latch barely moves and does not allow door to latch closed
Changed TPS sensor on SUV . SUV turns over but goes to a high RPM and then shuts off . Reinstalled old TPS and does the same .Sequoia was running ok right before the switch .Does sensor need to be configured ?
On and off
I just observed that the coolant level in my 2002 Toyota Sequoia keeps slowly going down to halfway between Full and Low, in about 12 to 24 hours, whether driving or parked. I removed the skidplate and noticed coolant dripping slowly along the lower edges of the radiator. The hose there seems ok. Would it be wise load up on a few gallons of coolant, take my time home, stopping every hour or so to check the level? Travelling will be about 12 hours. Thanks for helpful answers.
This problem happens all the time. I also smell something burning when I'm driving.
Yesterday, when I turned on my turn signal, the radio shut off but then went right back on. This happened a total of 3 times yesterday. It probably did it 3 out of 7 times. Then when I got in my car today, the clock was the wrong time. I reset it, but then when I got out of work it was the wrong time again. I reset again, went to the store and again it was the wrong time. Any ideas? Thankyou:)
Last time I did it was about 7 monthes ago but my question is do I need to change the oil filter and spark plugs too? On the last tuneup I did change them
Do i need to replace the fuse bpx or negative cable
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