2001 Toyota Sequoia Questions

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Makes click sound but won't roll down
last time I used it in late spring heard a tapping sound behind the radio. that was the last time the defroster and heat worked. fan working fine.
I had an Oil change about Two and A half Weeks ago.I just happened to check it and found out I was almost 3 Quarts low. What am I missing what could be the problem?
The back rear window goes up and down ( within the tailgate that lifts up).
It is stuck in the up position per se., as I just bought it and the previous owner said, not to make it go down as it would not go back up, ( then how did he get it up ? ).,, hope this makes sense. Thank you very much.
To take off the old and put on the new, to
get at it, do you have to take the bumper off or can you get at it without doing that ?
I feel this single "thud" or "clunk" under middle of the chassis when coming to a stop at a light, but only occasionally. This won't happen right away but maybe a second or two *after* coming to a full inertial stop. When it happens, it's not subtle. I have the 4WD SR5. I've felt similar noises in other older (high mileage) 4WD/AWD vehicles but never got a precise diagnosis for those either.

Any ideas? Is it serious?
It was working fine and then I noticed the light blink and the air wasn't cold anymore. The fan works and when I took it to be serviced they couldn't at a Valvoline. Same thing happened with my 2003 Camry. I fixed my 2003 Camry with a relay that was advised for me on line and it works great to this day. Anything like that on the Sequoia? Where would the relay be please? It was so easy to fix the camry and cost only $58.00.
Is there a way to open the back door latch broken from the inside
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