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considering upgrade while trade-in value is good. need to choose between those two "options" except the automatic limited slip differential is standard package. dynamic torque-control would be an add-on. am interested in an AWD vehicle.
Not constant. Concrete and gravel road sometimes is when it begins. Can be loud or not so loud. Is sporadic. Sounds like metal pliers lying atop a metal sheet hitting and rattling at times. It's not tool left behind(already checked).
No any response on touch screen buttons of Toyota RAV4 2014. Please help!
I want to give my car all it needs to live long and healthy. Any special needs when a newer car takes on so many miles in such a short time to allow it to live long and healthy?
then a wire burnt out near an ignition and beacause i live in the UAE and american parts are hard to get here im putting off on doing the sensor how ever im having troubles like u cant imagine first of all my car has lost a lot of engine problems but my main concern is that everytime i put the car on N and shift it to D the cars seems to jump as if there is a gear problem then tiptronic gears dont seem to be working everytime i switch to sports the dashboard dont even change from D to 6 5 4 3 2 1 can anyone be off asist
pleas help to repair it or know which part maybe need to check .
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