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It happens a lot when you drive reverse break and go over bumps, tried removing everything from trunk but still happens it’s 6 years old 53,000 miles but it’s used A TON, usually put about 200 miles a week from October-February than your looking at 60 miles a week from March -July and August till September about200-250 miles
Roads are slick just started car engine light and red LSD is flashing?
My front end pops 3 times when making a right turn. After three weeks of doing this, the noise has completely stopped. Wondering if this is serious.
My RAV4 TOYOTA 2012 MODEL 6 CYL FWD flashing LSD and CHECK ENGINE SUDDENLY came on at the same time while driving, I consulted the google and I followed exactly what what the google instruction but it did'nt solve the problem. Then, I opened the hood and notice the master cyl. Low on fluid so, I added fluid up to max the flashing auto lsd and check engine disappeared for few days then back again but now I can't reset it back to normal. I inquired from Toyota dealer here in Arizona expect an answer or profesional help but to my biggest disappointment they quote me $ 130.00 +. Just to reset the lights back to normal. I thought Toyota's products and employers are the best and helpful but their not. I adviced to whoever wants to buyToyota's, please think twice or carefully before you do so.
The car has been doing this for awhile. Toyota dealer said it was something loose
Undercarriage. AnotherToyota dealer states it is the torque converter . Car runs fine otherwise just at that speed 35-45 mph. Probably occurs regularly
It may sound like the noise the rear wiper washer makes when it has not been used for awhile. It's not the normal high-pitched squeak when brakes need to be replaced. Sometimes the noise occurs while driving on uneven roads. It's sporadic, usually when the a/c is on; in all types of weather - sunny, rainy. Sometimes it appears after driving in rush-hour traffic for 30+ minutes, other times it appears in a few minutes when driving. Unfortunately I am unable to duplicate the noise for a mechanic to hear.
what could the promblam
this suv has a 2gr-fe engine. is the 2gr-fSe a better choice in a suv. what is the diference between the two in reliability? thank you,
Joan and Larry
I want to service to my car
Tie rod ends are by nature wear items, i need one replaced, 3 garages tell me ENTIRE RACK AND PINION MUST BE REPLACED, $2800!, tie rod cannot be replaced by itself, it is integrated into rack. Is this idiotic, or am i idiot for buying the rav4
turn key to on and the noise stops
toyota rave 4 2012 au ralenti elle degage une fumee blanche une fois tous les 15 joures
My RAV4 is equipped with the push button start/stop and when I applied the brake (the first time) and pushed the button nothing happened. It just so happened I sat in the car and waited about 30 minutes, then decided to try again and it started. The second time I tried the same thing and it worked again. The third time it did not work, but then the tow truck arrived and the driver tried it and it worked. What's going on?
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