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I replaced the right wheel axle and hub assembly and now the ABS stays on and the cruse control will not work. Can it be the wheel sensor?
abs light, brake light, 4wd light and slip indicator light has come on. do you kmnow why?
Bought a new battery 3 months ago, and have driven car for 1500 miles. No problem lights appear. Can not find correct " Drive cycle " directions.
It happened today
Wet weather seems to increase fequency. I must disconnect battery to reset. Toyota dealership says I need charcoal canister. codes p043f, p4201,p2419, come up when they tested.
it just happened was working fine i had a transmission pan gasket repaired and 4x light and car went in and out or on and off fine . until it stopped and these two lughts came on
wife thought transmission was going out because of loss of power and bad gas mialage. I am thinking fuel injection system or (filter) or the sensor that monitors fuel to air ratio?
I nedd the third row seat
Car was in a accident, hit in the rt. front wheel. We replaced the knee assy. and speed sensor, checked all fuses and master cyl. is full all other lights are working properly.
The Check Engine light stays on while the Auto LSD light flashes. Dealership scanned for codes and got P043E, P043F, P2401, and P2419. They suggest replacement of Evap Cannister and Fuel Tank. for a total of $2040.00 I have 48K miles on the car so of course it is out of standard warranty. I bought Toyota because they are suppose to last and be worry free. What can I do to remedy this?
Could there be something wrong with the alternator? Also when I brake it makes a mechanical grinding sound not a squeak coming from my front brakes. It only makes this sound when I first start driving.
only 34860 miles driven.Is this a wear and tear item or may be faulty. I am out luck for warranty coverage. Warranty expired 8months ago.
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