2010 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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could it be a battery?
Need to replace spare wheel cover that was stolen. They discontinued them in metallic silver and can only find a used one in a different color or a new one that's primed but needs painting. Would the cost be similar to paint a used one as a it would be to paint one primed? Thanks!
When the passenger side turn signal is activated all rear brake lights blink along with it.
The second day I drove it the check engine lite came on . North side Ford said it was due to emission problems. Gas Cap. Lite went out! Today lite back on with four wheel drive lite on. Car drives good, but no cruse control now as well. I checked gas cap, what's up with my car? Is it expensive to fix, bought as is! Judy
CD stopped working. I have new unit. What do I do to replace the old one?
Dash light does not work when night headlights are on. Will light up momentarilly when starting. Gas gage stays on empty even when full. Out of gas symbol stays on all the time when vehicle is running.
Do you know any reasonable places that do that type of repair work?
Charcoal canister seems to be culprit. Estimated cost and difficulty of replacement please
Vehicle does not exhibit any problems since these instrument panel lights came on.
The CHECK & 4WD lights continue to show while engine is running. A scan displayed the code P0793 with the information "Intrermediate Shaft Speed Censor No Signal." please how do I solve this problem? Is the vehicle in danger?
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