2008 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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Transmission cost to repair
Loud clunk going into reverse. Seems to slip in forward on occassion. Problem is intermittent so hard to diagnose.
Especially happens when wet out. Doesn't happen most of the time. But quite often.

Any ideas?
After changing both front wheel bearings brand-new rotors on the front ,rotors shaved in the back and brand-new brake pads all around my car started to feel like the tire was going to come off a wobble if you will or like a knot in the tire but there's not you couldn't feel it in the steering wheel but now you canslightly feel it in the wheel and I can feel the wobble in my butt and my feet. It also feels like in my feet something is rubbing are grinding or hitting something underneath the car. I got up underneath there and discovered I need to change the swaybar because the boot was busted I changed it other than that the CVC shaft has a dent in it were metal was pulled back and it's pretty deep deep. Discovered I need to change the swaybar because the boot was busted I changed it other than that the CVC shaft has a dent in it were metal was killed back and it's pretty deep deep
I just picked up an '08 Rav 4 to replace an old Honda CRV yesterday (purchased from care dealership). Tonight the VSC light, Brake light, ABS light and Slip indicator light all came on at the same time 30 min into my drive home. The dealership had put new brake pads and smoothed the rotors. From what I'm reading on here I need to take it somewhere (a dealership or even Autozone) and have them hook it up to a computer and tell me what's up? I have had a Honda for years and use their dealership for my maintenance - would they be able to do this as well or do I have to go to a Toyota dealership?
Thank you in advance!
This is a V6 base model
My fan only works on the highest setting then stops
On one site I read that Toyota covered this repair even though beyond warranty.
Is this possible? Another site said 2008 rav 4 doesn't have viscous coupling rather has electro magnetic something or other..?
cost to repair water pump
After driving in a while I feel hot air blow around my legs in the driver's seat coupled with a smell of oil
Pushed the brake pedal that thumped and pulsed and did not hold the car. Out of 4WD it did not do this....
We had it checked, and they mentioned something about the lights competing with each other, but they weren't really sure what the exact cause was either.
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