2007 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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We were told that we needed the bearings on top of the struts should be replaced when they replace the front struts Is that correct?

Abs light on

Check engine/VSC/4WD lights were all on. on 2007 Toyota RAV4
gas cap replace and remove positive terminal for a few moments, ligts went off...temporarily.After driving for 3 miles, they came back on. Does anyone have an exact solution or can tell me exactly what the problem is. just a definitive answer. Would so greatly appreciate it.


The engine won't not cranking. The dash board shows all the symbols but it won't crank

the charging voltage is between A14.2-14.5+ volts. Checked constantly digital voltmeter. Alternator was replaced 6-7 months
ago with DURALAST from AutoZone.
The problem began about 3 month after replacement of alternator. the battery also replaced.

Short absorber front (both)

I recently had a diagnostic test because CEL, VSC, and 4WD/TRAC (Check Engine Light, Vehicle Stability Control, and 4-Wheel Drive/Traction Control lights went on. The code was P0138-I had the Bank 1 Sensor 2 replaced yet the lights above went back on in a day or 2.
I read that the problem may be a defective charcoal canister filter which costs about 1500.00 to repair. How can I determine what the real issue is before dishing out that much $$$. Will Toyota pay for those repairs if it is a defective canister filter?

Driving home from work my wife had the car lose power and the mentioned lights came on. Now every time I start the car those lights come on and stay on. The engine is "sputtering" for lack of a better word. Please help?

I just had the transmission rebuilt the day before this happened. I was driving down the road and the car applied the brakes by itself