2007 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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Is it common for older cars to be having problems with high oil consumption? I’ve been told “it’s common for older cars to burn oil and nothing can be done about it.” Is this true? If not, what can be done to fix it?

Why do older cars burn oil faster?

I don’t see any leaks.

no fuses appear to be bad, i changed the front bumper cover a few weeks ago, but as far as i know they were working up until last night...any ideas??
Checked by the actron scan tool showing some debris on the sensor or harness fault on the car dash board showing vsc,brake and slippery lights
It just started doing this some days the heater will work. It seems like it will put out heat when I’m on the highway but lately no heat at all
I took my 2008 into vavoline and they recommended their air conditioning service
And ever since then it stopped working about 2 months later. Sometimes the heater works only when I turn it on when on the highway
when the engine is hot and the vehicle is moving at low speed or trying to climb a hill i experience rattling noise
Battery light has been flashing. Tried to start car but wouldn’t start. Clock won’t come on. When I lock car there’s a low sound on alarm. Just got brand new battery in August
I can't set my speed and the 'check engine' light is also on. Is there a vcs button to push on a 2007 Rav 4?
where is the a/f 02 sensor (bank 2 sensor 1) on my 2007 toyota rav4 sport? I pulled code P0051 and need to change it, is there a diagram available for my car?
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
The car is showing VSC/ABS/4WD/Brake light on the dashboard and is performing normally but when d light goes off again it starts vibrating again. What do I do please ?
We were told that we needed the bearings on top of the struts should be replaced when they replace the front struts Is that correct?
Abs light on

Check engine/VSC/4WD lights were all on. on 2007 Toyota RAV4
gas cap replace and remove positive terminal for a few moments, ligts went off...temporarily.After driving for 3 miles, they came back on. Does anyone have an exact solution or can tell me exactly what the problem is. just a definitive answer. Would so greatly appreciate it.


The engine won't not cranking. The dash board shows all the symbols but it won't crank
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