2006 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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where is locater
These lights randomly go on and off. No codes are showing when trouble shooting
Battery light comes on for 5 seconds in the morning. Than doesnt come on I put my car in park. What could that be? I already had my alternator change.
Air blows through defrost.
it happens every time i drive without Ac
ac quit blowing cold suddenly, had freon checked-full. what can i check or do to rule out other problems before buying an expensive compressor?
after changing both, the Rav4 is still turning over, but I have to try several times to crank it before it will start.
I was sitting in my car with it running (about 85 degrees outside) I looked and noticed that the lights on the dash were on but the air was still blowing. I turned the key to the off position and tried to re-start the car, it would turn the lights on the dash back on, my air was blowing, the radar detector came on but the car would not click or crank it made no sound. I tried moving the gear shifter to neutral and back to park still would not make a sound. After about 30 minutes it clicked once while I tried to start it. After about 15 more minutes it was cranking but would not turn over or fire. Tried tapping the starter as best we could but it did not start it either. Finally got some jumper cables and after 4 tries and being hooked up about 5-10 minutes it finally started (but was idling hard and kind of shaking) and died 2 more times before I made it home about 5 miles away. Both times it restarted by being jumped off with cables. Since I got home it has started fine and have had no issues but it has not left the driveway. My husband wondered if it might have been a bad censor or maybe he got bad gas that clogged the fuel filter, I was told it was probably the starter. Just looking for advice on what this might be!
I'm trying to do 60,000 mile maintenance on my rav 4
driving on highway,the vsc,4wd,check engine lights came on. no loss of power no sputtering, just not sure why these came on...
light is on, the little car that slides is on. please help was running fine til -9 degrees hit the other night.
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