2005 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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Disconnected battery cables and clean with cable brush. Reconnected cables and started vehicle and idle dropped.
I changed the starter twice in three weeks and I am afraid the problem will reoccur. What could be the problem and what i can I do?
doors automatically lock also my check engine and trac light came on and speedometer stop working- this is related to something that may have occured when they replaced the airbags - have only driven the vehile 4 times since they were replaced??
I had heard that the 2005 Rav 4 was going to be part of the recall for the driver's side window. To date I haven't seen anything posted online nor received any documentation from Toyota. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
about to buy an auction car that says damaged undercarriage.
Car was checked by a friend /mechanic he's not sure why the vsc/trac would come on. Codes are for the evap system can you shed some light on this problem
When I put it in reverse and then press the gas the engine revs but their is a 2 second delay to when gear engages and the car backs up.
J'ai installé une nouvelle clutch neuve sur ma Rav4 et après avoir tenté de la saignée à plusieurs reprises elle agi minimalement, car je dois écraser ma pédale au plancher pour que je puisse embrayer. De plus, j'ai l'impression d'entendre la bering de clutch lorsque je l'embraye. Pouvez=vous m'aider?
The problem is that three is a pressure in the fuel system between the high pressure pump and the common rail, after a computer scan the fault code that came up was PO627 and the guy said that was an open circuit in the fuel relay.
I need to know which fue box to find this relay and which relay it is within that box.
I was told that by replacing tires (same manufactuer and size) one a time due to flats can cause transmission problems. The slightest difference in the tire diameter(old vs new tread) is enough to cause the transmission to become damaged enough to require replacement. I"ve been advised to replace all 4 in order to stop future transmission damage.. Is this at all true?? any advise?? thank you.
Even after opening L rear door the 'system' automatically re-locks ALL doors; re-locking is a normal programming thing - but one can be locked out if unaware that doors have auto-locked again. Also noticed that cabin courtesy light doesn't light up consistently and goes out w/in about 10 sec when it does light up. I'm suspecting worn-out wiring, loose connector, failing fuse and/or failing Body Control Module. How do I troubleshoot this problem??
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