2004 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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Check engine light came on car started going slow then jerking, Toyota stated that it was the Transmission Solenoid Shift. Some say it is the Electrical some say they have to fix the piece in transmission please help
I'm told that this would entail removal of the dash board because the "s" shaped tube is very difficult to re-insert. Currently it is draining onto the passenger side floor. A/C is working fine. Drainage is the only problem.
Took vehicle to dealer who took it to garage and they send the check engine light is the Oxygen Sensor, they disengaged the lights. Are these 2 lights connected, they come on together. Thank you.
Last time it went off the cruse acceleration turn off
It is a used car just imported it, it gives an alarm but I dnt know where is the button so that I cn press to stop it and this makes the engine to stop after several alarms..
I have a 2004 Rav4. Approx.300,000KM and still going strong.
The issue is
we have replaced the whole Evac system a year ago,and still the engine warning light still keeps coming on. I took the car to the dealer to check.
There is a leak somewhere in the hose,which needs replacing.
Could it be anything else? Loose hose or connection,charcoal filter replacement,Airflow sensor cleaning? Does anyone have a similar issue
or answers?
Thanking you in advance
the TDS systems was factory installed
During yearly inspection, rear tires were out of alignment; they couldn't remove the bolts, everything fused together, so will need to replace both rear suspension arms in order to align tires. Estimate =$2000.
Is this fair? Is it worth doing? They said I can drive without doing it, just know that tires will wear unevenly. Any advice welcome!
Dealer says warranty will cover the replacement of the caliper, but the brake pads are at 5mm and should be replaced and rotors turned and the cost is $260. Is this a "real" needed repair, and is the cost fair?
Anyone know an inexpensive shop that can put a pump & belts in Chicago 60618 AREA
I recently received the bill for an accident we caused (rear-ended the car in front of us at about 10-20km/h); it was relatively minor, with the 2011 Accord boot we hit being crumpled several inches fairly evenly across its length - it's hard to describe more accurately. we didn't have insurance at the time, so we're paying the $5600 out of our pockets. I was looking at the detailed invoice for a price breakdown, and noticed that labour was counted at 90 hours' worth. That's two full-time weeks' work for a crumpled rear end. is this a fair labour amount for that kind of work? I'm not in the industry, so I have no idea what is normal. If anyone has any knowledge or thought, it'd be much appreciated!
I need to replace the right hand drain tube on my sunroof but can't find where it comes out at. I have traced it all the way down to just above do I get to the piece that drains out near wheel? Pictures? Help?
I have 100,000 miles on my car and i would like to know what needs maintaining. Thank you.
I was told by my dealership that I needed to replace the back-up switch assembly on my 2004 (manual) RAV4. I have the part (it looks like a spark plug) and appears easy enough to install, but I have no idea where it is located on the car. Any idea?
Have been hearing rear end "whining" sound for about 3 weeks, took in for front rotors, mechanic commented on the noise without me telling him. I had a bad feeling about the rear end possibly going concerned about the cost to fix. Any ideas? They said my back wheels could lock's a 4X4 Rav 4. E-mail
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