2003 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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Replaced my battery, now radio has to be reset. How do I find the code?
Hand brake light is showing
How do I check the relay for compressor? How hard is it to replace?
Car hand brake light is always on
My car hand brake is always on while on park or drive position
My car is showing automatic brake system
My car showing ABS after repaired
I just scanned my 2003 model Toyota rav 4 and it is showing that all O2 sensors are not working again?.what is the side effect of this on the car and what can I do and where can I purchase new ones?
I would like to know how to get my two back seats out. They are suppose to come out without any screw drivers or any other tool.
My Sunroof is stuck open. Any ideas on how to get it closed.
Actually missing some pieces
It's rainy season here and my car never leaked rain water EVER! Now I felt my foot getting wet and low and behold, its leaking in from both sides of the interior panel near the doors, on both sides! Was there a gasket they may have forgotten to put back?
$8,000.00. Is this a good deal based on age of vehicle?
I cleaned gas fill neck and cap gasket with alcohol. Check engine lite codes P0440, 441, 446.
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