1999 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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Do I need to take motor out to repair? If not how do i make repair?
This is the bracket that the motor mount bolts to
Also whAt dose the ECT switch do?
Charged air several times with dye no one can find leak where could leak be still no air
motor surges really bad with the air conditioner on. It is really bad while driving that I have to turn ac off. Not quite as bad with just headlights on alone. could this be a alt. problem
Cleaned the surrounding area and I am pretty sure it's one of the high pressure hose lines leaking power steering fluid.
this problem is worst with the air on , but is very noticeable at highway speeds as well as idle. but turn off fan swithch and its ok
Could it be the bushings, clutch?
just replaced head gasket and water pump
How do I find out if it's a non interference engine? can anyone confirm what the likely damage would be to my car. And how much it will cost to repair if it's just a cam belt without engine damage
Can I do it myself? I have 275,000 kms. showing. Is it worth fixing or should I just keep replacing oil as needed? Will the engine eventually fail? I have always done regular oil changes at 5000 km.

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