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I drive a 1998 Toyota Rav-4 and I'm driving it so many miles to get my emissions. But the readiness is still failing. What could be the problem?
In my case the car is a Rav 4 1998 with 2 radiator cooling fans. Is it dangerous for them to always be on
Was drivinthen car made a little jolt shut off & oil , check engine , battery light come on
i was coming off the interstate and saw that my speed odometer was falling fast the rpms was still revering as i was try to make the truck go..

How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
Manual transmission

Sometimes I can't move the gearshaft into 2nd, and it feels like a piece of rubber is blocking it. Sometimes it's other gears, although it still goes into gear. Sometimes it goes right in with a "chunk."
This problem just started. It acts as if the battery or alternator is the problem. A friend hooked up his OBD and no codes. He Also used voltage meter on battery and alternator and said both are good. What else would be the problem?
My truck just stopped running going down the road. A tester was put on it and said thise two sensors were bad. It wont crank
About 4-5 months ago I was driving my rav4 when I heard some squealing and grinding noises from under the hood I was told that its probably the cam belt needing replaced,I can't remember right off hand but I think it has 160-180,000 on the engine,I've been keeping it maintained regularly this is an issue that concerns me so after I heard the noises I stopped driving the vehicle and its been sitting ever since.I haven't had the means or way of fixing it,due to lack of hours at work. Any advice or concerns would be greatly appreciated
Hi, six months ago I purchased this car cheap cause of seized engine, so we did an engine swap of another used 3s( it was in pretty good condition, compression 175, sealed), but since that the check engine light is on, the code is p0401, so I put a brand new vsv, egr modulator and egr valve(non oem), then I cleaned with carb cleaner, cleaned the lines and checked them to be connected as supposed, and the problems is still there. As I changed those and the light keep coming, I decided to take it to the mechanic, I took it like 5 times to the first mechanic and he never could fix it, neither the second, the second one seemed to know more, but he couldnt, this one also tried cleaning the throtle body, the intake manifold.
One thing he told me is that the egr valve when you push it, the engine should start stalling, but it doesnt.
Is this an expensive repair and what else does a maintained Rav need at 150k miles? The dealership was pretty clueless.
When I start the vehicle all dash lights comes on for about 2 seconds afterwards they go off, but after about 15 min of driving the battery light comes on and the vehicle loses power steering and acceleration. But after turning off and on again it does the same thing. What is the problem, please.
Fuel gauge will go to full but only comes down to just below 3/4 tank even when empty. Low tank light does go on at the right time. I replaced the fuel pump assembly which includes the float with a salvage yard one. It also went to full but also stopped around the same 3/4 point. I put in a salvage yard instrument cluster. It still does about the same thing. There is just a tiny bit of difference between both pumps and clusters. I unplugged the fuel pump and turned the key on and the gauge will still not go below 3/4. Is there another test, wiring issue or should I give up and buy the $170 float/sender unit or do I have 2 bad fuel gauge clusters? I am stumped.
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