1997 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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can you put wheel covers or skins on a 1997 2 dr 4x4 rav4?
I noticed my brake lights were staying on when the engine is off, brake switch obviously.
I pulled the fuse so my battery wouldn't die. Today when I put the fuse back in the check engine light came on, is this related?
How long have you had this problem? Just stared today
Battery light came on. Car struggling to move forward. Manual trans.needed jump start. Auto windows and door lock can slow
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse when headlights on
How long have you had this problem? One can week
One way is to use the timing marks on the cam shaft and the crank shaft; one says to use the timing marks on the plastic cover the other says to use the marks on the crank shaft gear. Which one is correct?
Won't pass emission test
What is causing this 97 rav4 to loose power and not rev over 2000? How to check for the correct fuel pressure ? Thank you!
Outside view, looks slightly ajar, I lift the wheel and push hard, I don't get better results. Occasionally the door open idiot light comes on, and doesn't go out when the car is turned off, Any suggestions. Thank You
I've driven hwy, street & varied my starts & stops over 3 weeks but these monitors simply won't re-set. I 're-booted' by removing the battery cables so I realize I'm starting over but I had to try the 're-boot' as nothing else was working to re-set the monitors which my mechanic checked for me every other day. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.Thank you ;-D
My car stalled and would not restart because timing belt broke. Is my engine is damaged?
256000 miles
Brake lights are staying on after I turn off car.
Stalls any time after driving 20 minutes. Car restarts from 5 minutes to an hour after sitting. Distributor, coil, fuel pump recently replaced. Runs well while running
Seems to be when I have it in 3rd or 4th gear.
it has been burning oil since I got it but now it is losing power when I accelerate. I put oil in it when it was low. I tried a thicker kind now it wont climb hills. no power. too much oil or maybe need oil change? Or what ?
I checked the EFI fuses and relays, but I couldn't hear the fuel pump make any noise when I checked it out. Is this common to happen if you run out of fuel?
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