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Just saw dash warning light today. In May had full service, oil change, air filters, wheel alignment/tire rotation, brake inspection and complete fuel and throttle body service, fuel system cleaner and intake system cleaner.
It comes on but stays saying 0 mph why?
It just stopped holding the speed you choose
Happens mainly in the morning or after my cc at sits for a few. It acts like a car that's cold.
Had my oil changed at a Toyota dealership and they forgot to put the drain plug back. Drove 21 miles before lights came on and engine shut off, seizing.

What else can a blown engine affect? Transmission, bearings, coolant system? Not trusting this dealership so far, situation has been handled very poorly and I do not have another mechanic with Prius knowledge to give a second opinion.
This was recommended by the dealership for a cost of $390
It rained earlier but I didn't turn it on.
I bought this 2011 Prius three months ago and it drove great, no apparent issues. About three weeks ago, I couldn't get the car started. I could unlock the doors with the key fob, and the ready light would turn green after pressing on the brake pedal, but when I went to actually hit the Start button - nothing. No dash lights, no start-up, nothing. I took the 12v battery to a local auto shop to check the charge/put a load on it and I was told that it appeared to be fine. It should be noted that this battery was an aftermarket Optima battery. Which strikes me a little odd that a 3 year old car with 50k miles on it already had an aftermarket battery. After reinstalling the battery - the vehicle would still not start. I jumped the battery and it started right up, so I drove it to the dealership and bought an OEM battery. The car started right up and I thought all was well. Four days after installing the battery (and driving this vehicle everyday) I went out at night to start the vehicle, and it wouldn't start again. Same thing - interior lights are on, but no dashboard lights, the green 'ready' light comes on after pushing the brake, but when I hit the start button - nothing. I tried at that point to jump the battery again - only this time it did nothing. The car would still not start. Any idea what is going on with this car?
I need to get flood damaged 2011 prius (does n't start) repaired. It does n't have any external damage. I don't want to go to high priced toyota dealers. Can you please suggest any shops that can do battery/electical work on prius in dallas, TX.
it distorts the light, for example the headlights coming at you or trafick lights it splits them in to three lights verticaly, one on top and buttom of the original light. Dealer changed it but no impruvment. Does any one has thesame problem?
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