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Dealer does a multi-point check during routine 75,000 mile maintenance and recommends several types of service such as throttle body. How do I know if any of these repairs are necessary as long as the car is running fine?
2010 Prius, 70000 miles
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No prob, "recommended"
The humming sound is very low and only noticeable when it is very quiet....noise seems to be coming form the back
I'm replacing the entire rear door with one pulled off of a wreck. There is one electrical wire harness that plugs into the body of the car near the hinges of the door. How does one disconnect this connection? It doesn't "unplug" easily and I'm afraid it will break if forced too much. How does one release this connection?
Tried resetting it according to directions...
Just replaced rear brakes last October at 95k miles. I also repaired brakes several times throughout my ownership. Owned new since 2010, only 2 drivers ever.
per the dealership car is leaking oil. suggested service is to replace timing cover seal. what would the avg cost to do suggested work cost?
Recently, 2010 Toyota Pruis just shut down - Orginally told the Purge Vacuum Switching Valve needed to be replaced along with updating ECU Software. Then was told the Fuel Sender & Gasket need to be replaced. This both happened the day after I had the oil changed & tires rotated. Everything came back with a pass rating. Reasoning asking - Was told one was covered by the warranty & the other is not!! Any Help Much Appreciated!
THE STARTER BATTERY CHECKS GOOD and fob battery checks good.
I have a recall on my 2010 prius INTELLIGENT POWER MODULE OR IPM can't locate it can I fix it?
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