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The only reason I am aware of this is that a warning light appears on my dashboard. The car has 175,000 miles and the repair costs $2,100. I do not know if this is related but the windows always fog -up even on a cold dry day I need to turn the turn the front defroster on.
The dealer flushed out my fuel injectors, now the check engine code for catalytic converter comes on. Could the injector flush have caused this? They want $1800.00 to replace the catalytic converter. It was fine before this "flush".
The car has 95000 miles on it, but is 9 years old, and the warranty is only good for 8 years. The car seems to run OK, and it doesn't seem to smell or overheat (although Prius's don't have temperature gauges).
I own a 2008 Toyota Prius. A couple weeks ago I was driving home from about 45 miles away. The check engine light came on and the red triangle. The car kept going slower and slower, until it would not go at all. The lights and everything electrical worked fine. I had it towed home. The only trouble code I got was P0080 and the info screen showed main battery. So I did some research and saw I could test each cell of the battery. The videos I watched showed them getting 7.51 volts on almost all the cells and 6.?? volts on 2 or 3 cells, so they would replace those cells or charge them themselves. My battery had mostly 6.?? volts cells, 5 or 6 at 5.?? volts, and I think 4 or 5 cells with 7.01 or 7.14. So I figure most the cells were bad. I bought a rebuilt hybrid battery for $1200.00, put it in the car now the gas engine won't start. I drove the car around the block, but because the gas engine won't start it ran down the hybrid. Whats going on? I hope I really needed this rebuilt battery, or was it something else the whole time. HELP!
Why is air not blowing
the info screen keep switching itself over to the power management the car trying to tell me something? Also, it may be happening the whole time I am driving it, but I cannot hear it until I am stopped at a light........there is a "clucking" sound.............?
Car will not open if I walk up to it and grab door handle. Also, Now must insert fob to start car. Changed battery on fob so that's not the problem. Could my small battery be going out?
so dash gauges dont light up when car starts and car wont turn off. it will still drive but no speed gas levels or warning lights. after I reset the whole thing then it works fine for a while.
Sucked the water out and two days later there was more! Anyone else have this problem?
Directs button also vertical lines. Radio, Climate etc still shownormally on screen.
The headlight on passenger side goes out after about 15 minutes of driving. They said either the ballast or a computer chip. What is a reasonable price to replace either of those? Thanks. Jim.
No symptoms except engine light suddenly came on. Dealer chgd. Me $150 to dx. Then said it'd b $2075 to replace coolant reservoir. Can't tell me what's wrong w/it & why it needs replacing. Seems steep. Saw post about probs. W/cooling system w/06-08 model Prius. Is this the same issue & has Toyota issued a recall of some sort? Is this a fair price for parts & labor?
well after they told me it will cost me 700. plus some other stuff?? I flip out. needless to say I do my homework.I found out that under CA. new program that part is covered. NOW here is the problem 3 mths earlier I had to change both water pumps one was on recall,not both lol..then this,now I drive off not even a mile an the eng. lite comes on again. I take it back and now its MAF sensor,390.00 they had my car for 2 days, really you couldn't catch it then. So I do my research and found the part at several car shops and I bought it. Now I use,"my mechanic", on line that comes to your home or work. They are charging almost nothing compared to Toyota. My advice do your homework.
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