2008 Toyota Prius Questions

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Car will not open if I walk up to it and grab door handle. Also, Now must insert fob to start car. Changed battery on fob so that's not the problem. Could my small battery be going out?

so dash gauges dont light up when car starts and car wont turn off. it will still drive but no speed gas levels or warning lights. after I reset the whole thing then it works fine for a while.

Sucked the water out and two days later there was more! Anyone else have this problem?

Directs button also vertical lines. Radio, Climate etc still shownormally on screen.

The headlight on passenger side goes out after about 15 minutes of driving. They said either the ballast or a computer chip. What is a reasonable price to replace either of those? Thanks. Jim.

No symptoms except engine light suddenly came on. Dealer chgd. Me $150 to dx. Then said it'd b $2075 to replace coolant reservoir. Can't tell me what's wrong w/it & why it needs replacing. Seems steep. Saw post about probs. W/cooling system w/06-08 model Prius. Is this the same issue & has Toyota issued a recall of some sort? Is this a fair price for parts & labor?

well after they told me it will cost me 700. plus some other stuff?? I flip out. needless to say I do my homework.I found out that under CA. new program that part is covered. NOW here is the problem 3 mths earlier I had to change both water pumps one was on recall,not both lol..then this,now I drive off not even a mile an the eng. lite comes on again. I take it back and now its MAF sensor,390.00 they had my car for 2 days, really you couldn't catch it then. So I do my research and found the part at several car shops and I bought it. Now I use,"my mechanic", on line that comes to your home or work. They are charging almost nothing compared to Toyota. My advice do your homework.

I just purchased a 2008 Toyota Prius with 145,000 miles on the odometer. I thought I made a good purchase initially considering the reputation that the 2004-2009 Priuses have. However, a few days after my purchase, the car started making these odd revving/groaning sounds whenever I press the gas pedal. These are not the same light revving noises that the car made whenever I took it on a test drive and accelerated. These noises are loud and remind me of those revving sounds that muscle cars make. The noises start shortly after I begin driving and after a few minutes of driving (stop/start/drive a little while/stop/start/etc.) they usually quit, but sometimes they come back again. It almost makes me think that something is either 'stuck' or is resisting whenever I press the pedal, but the speed reduces and gains normally whenever I either press or take my foot off of the pedal as far as I can tell. I've also noticed that the car burns way more gas than it is supposed to. It dropped down to around 20 mpg from simple driving around town, doing stop/start driving w/o much staying stopped. Like where there are stop signs. Also, I've noticed in the past couple of days that there is also a light rattling sound whenever I press the gas pedal. What does this all mean? Is it serious?

My mpg in the past 8 months has decreased from about 42mpg (I have aftermarket chrome 17" rims) to around 35mpg now. I took my car to a "superlube" type shop to get my oil changed, the first time outside of the dealership, and they informed me and showed me that oil is leaking out of the exhaust, and swiped the exhaust pipe where there was residue. The oil consumption is about 1 quart per 4-5k miles, in the time that coincides with my decreased mpg. We went on a trip about 2k miles out from next oil change, and on the way home my oil light came on, checked the stick, and there was NO OIL in my car. My friend said maybe that could have affected the seals (?). I am not mechanically inclined, as you can tell, and I am really not fond of taking my Prius to a dealership who has obviously noticed the increased oil consumption and not addressed it with me AT ALL! Where should I go and what should I ask for?

My water pump was replaced in 2011 and is been replaced again now because is leaking the car has about 128000 miles and I live in South Florida is this normal?
I read that is advised to replace the thermostat whenever you replace the water pump. Should I? I don't think It was replaced the first time.

It appears that the air that should come from the two center vents is being redirected through the main defrost vent. Everything else works fine.

The auto dealer told me they had to replace the steering rack, steering shaft, spiral cable and do an alignment.