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The energy panel has come up to stay and shows charging when not idling on the battery.
I have a Prius 2007 that is not working right now. After changing the battery twice, the water pump, the inverter and the ecu. And the car is still not working. My mechanic which works for Toyota doesn't know what else to do and we already have spent too much money on this car. What else could be?, the computer to troubleshoot doesn't show any more signs, it's says that everything is fine. But the car keeps on getting some weirds lights on and not working.
What could cause the left head light to come on and off and the right headlight to flicker?
I did thid but radio and a/c stayed on. Won't this kill the battery?
Just had supposedly entire display changed out (for a new one supposedly by dealer).
Before it was changed it was adding a mile every 7 secs to total mileage, and a few other things weren't working on that display either. supposedly it was changed out, and now this--no fuel usage display, always reads full no matter how many miles I drive. Any suggestions? Mechanics thinks something might be unplugged. Only vaguely relevant relevant entry on line suggested changing the fuel tank liner. Any experience, knowledge you have re this is greatly appreciated. (I'm miles
about 80 mils from Prius dealer where I bought the car 8 years ago. It has only c. 50,000 miles on it.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Wondering if this is a good price or not. THanks.
As a female, we get charged much more as I don't know how much this repair should cost. It needs parts, but don't recall which ones. Can you give me an idea of the process and what is needed and the cost for this?
I have been quoted $172 for it all including labor. Thanks.
The picture of the vehicle has a horizontal crossed line and start button is red.
Also what is the diagnostic code for the control valve? Thank you again
The car is actually empty at a half tank
Our technicians tell us there is a recalibration procedure which should be performed to correct this issue.
How do you know when trans is slipping, or drive train failure or auto skid function? Sometimes skid light comes on and its normal road.
car was running fine. just came back from check over and maintainance at toyota When the break is pressed and you press the power button the engine makes a humming sound then the chen engine light comes on. can Itrouble shoot this?
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