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Brought car in for coolant dashboard light warning. Toyota dealer diagnosed "Radiator leaking from upper outlet hose. Radiator will need to be replaced." Does the whole radiator need to be replaced or possibly just the upper hose? Seems like the cost difference could be +/- $200.
i have an oil leak, but it is leaking somewhere inside the engine: ie: it's not on the ground. my mechanic thinks this will be too expensive to fix, and that i should probably just turn it in and get another. a friend told me she'd heard that this is a common problem with Prius at 100K. i have 164K. what is the best course of action? it seems it will cost $$ just to find out what is wrong.
I have a headlight out and am trying to replace it myself instead of taking it somewhere.
There is a red/orange underlined exclamation point light on on my dashboard.
Was burning so they turn car off and won't start
if you could give me the cost in Richmond area in Virginia,USA .please
My 2006 Prius driver side window for some reason when window is rolled up once it gets all the way to the top it automatically goes down on it's own about 6 inches. I tried pulsating it slowly to the top but once it touches the rubber part around it down it goes again.
I just recently had my hybrid battery replaced in my 2006 Prius. I actually had a rebuilt one put in by a company I found online that says they specialize in that. It has only been about 6 months and again I'm getting the triangle sign, a circle with an exclamation point down the middle, the check engine on my dash. I had a friend with a scanner try and read the codes and the only one is P0A80 which I believe is the same as last time which happened to be the problem or could there be anything else(hopefully simple fix)
Thanks in advance
All of a sudden I noticed the 12v charger under dash stopped working, then passenger seatbelt stopped beeping, some of the warning lights on the dash stay off when turning on car, and abs sometimes will stay on and other times will stay off. 4 days ago for the first time in months the seatbelt started going off but it won't do it again. Also my headlights take turns going off it seems like, I've had to change them about 3 times each within the last year and now my right only comes on with high beams
The outside weather temperature was in the upper 90's. My wife went through a car wash. She said afterwards the car stalled and jumped forward. Then is returned to normal operation. Now she thinks the electric batteries are not providing power and regenerating correctly. The mileage dropped from 56 to 36 mpg but is now rebuilding to 42.
I think I might have over filled my tank cause it surged the gas up at me when I was finished,
Suddenly all these lights came on at once but car still drove fine. A mechanic hooked to a diagnosis scanner and it read P0A80 code. The next day the lights came back on and suddenly the gas engine will not shut off and the rear vent stays constantly on. Went to O'Reilly to get 12v battery tested and 2 employees didn't know where it was located or where positive and negative connectors were but still told me battery was fine. As soon as I pulled out of the driveway my car had no power and could not go past 20MPH even while flooring it. So I'm wondering if they accidently hooked the cables on wrong would it make my car to lose strength and why is my gas engine and vent always on.
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