2005 Toyota Prius Questions

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I received the code P1121 for my Toyota Prius. Looking into it further, it says that something is wrong with the coolant control valve on the vehicle. I don't know much about cars and was wondering how much this will cost/any information anyone has that can help on this.
Hazard light came on while driving. Pulled off road and slowly all power was gone. Nothing worked. Got a jump on battery under hood. How do we charge the big batteries?
It's been very rainy for the past week.
My inverter cooling pump failed with a open circuit. The car has 190,000 miles. I am not sure if it has been changed before. I have changed the pump and want to check the fuse. Thanks!
It only use to make the noise whenever I would accelerate at any speed, now it makes the noise whenever motor comes on. I have recorded the noise when accelerating. I don't know nothing about the prius. My husband don't care for the car to try and figure it out. Cannot afford to take it to shop.we did test the car and got a error code after problem got worse and engine light came on. Don't remember the code but I think it was loss of power. I'm am sorry I am not very good at explaining the problem but my husband is very busy and like I said don't care for it. I'm hoping to narrow the list of problems it could be down then go from there. Thank you
The 2 parts (at the end of the shoulder strap and at the right side of the driver seat) usually don't "click" and come together (it works once in a while). I urgently need to fix it since I'm about to start a job as a driver. Any suggestions for handling this myself without having to go to a mechanic? Would W-40 be any good?
My 2005 Prius has a slow fluid leak from the driver’s side front transmission cover (generator 1 housing). My dealer says their books do not provide a repair for this and recommend replacement of the hybrid transmission ~$2800. Does anyone have any information on this repair or suggestions for less expensive alternatives? Thanks. - VMI

A NEW battery Was installed.
My husband was attempting to engage the child lock doors on my 2005 prius. He jimmied the lock and pulled it out so the door would not shut closed. He used a screw driver to help jimmy the lock back in place so the door shuts closed now. Now, current problem is the door will not open using the handle on the outside. We need to open it from the inside now in order to open the door. The child lock has been disengaged for the mean time. We are noice DIY repair-ers. Should I take the car to the shop to fix this or is it an easy fix?
it operates fine, but manual says to take it to dealer immediately. what could it be?
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