2004 Toyota Prius Questions

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When the car is turned on there is a red car with exclamation point and a fan in the back seat gets extremely loud . There is acceleration but it's so slow it takes almost a minute to get to 45 mph. Any way to know what would cause this
How many miles does a mm of brake take to wear away?
no display of speed,fuel nor shift indicator on the dash,it just wont light up
What is the life expectancy of the battery? What types of repairs are common for a vehicle this age with >133,000 miles.
What can I do to repair the problem?
And today Some type of pipe fell down on the road during driving but I picked that up. That pipe got rusty and looks an S shaped visually. Any ideas what that is?
A month ago I was driving home and my check engine light came on. The car started to continually slow down although my foot was to the floor on the gas pedal. Then the master indicator light came on along with the vsc light. Now when I start it it starts up rough. I back it up and it's very slow and when I put it in drive the master sensor light comes on and then after a moment the car shakes and the other lights come back on then my mile per hour indicator just stops and the car stalls. I can't drive it to the shop and towing is really expensive here. What could be causing this? My husband thinks it's the coils but I'm not sure with it being a hybrid car and all.
I bought my 2004 Prius from my sister who had the air conditioner compressor replaced on August 14, 2010. I have had the vehicle for about 4 years and the compressor appears to be bad again. I took it to Love Toyota in Saint Albans, WV last month after it started blowing hot air. They wanted $200.00 just to do a diagnostic check which included: EVAC, recharging and putting dye in the system. I opted to take it to a local mechanic who put dye and stop leak into the system. It worked fine for about a month. I took it back and they checked for dye and couldn't find any. Now I am told that since it is an electric compressor that only Toyota can check to see if it is leaking inside the compressor. Toyota had told me that to replace the compressor would cost me $1,600. My sister paid $1,200 to replace the compressor 4 years ago. Is this normal for a compressor to go bad after only 4 years? If not, does anyone know how I could fight this and get Toyota to replace their defective compressor? Any ideas what else I might check or how I could check it myself?
I have a 2004 Prius but i never had this problem before. The lighted dash (speed, gas tank etc) didn't light up when I turned it on at a store. The Car wouldn't turn off neither. So I drove it home. And it took about 10 to 15 minutes of hitting the on / off button (which did nothing) and it seemed it finally turned it's self off. Why did that happen? and what should I do about it? Thanks
this problem occured thius morning. yesterday battery was low.
it contains pink fluid
What does the Inverter do?
problem just occurred and it was diagnosed. do you recommend a n independentdealer ?
cost and recharging.
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