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I started to remove the old couplings for the front drive shaft, there was no rubber conecting them ani more there where just flopping around, so i instolled new ones same size as the old ones, but now one side of the shaft will not reach the other end of the vehicle i hade no reference from the old ones i have rottated the new couplings and still missig a bout a 1/4" on one side or the other can you help please..
So I took the water out so I could drive, it overheated and it would not start, so I changed the spark plugs now it cranks but won't start
looking to buy and seller says timing belt broken, but I thought it was a chain.
can a timing chain break. is it a zero clearance engine?
Gage show fast high temperature, but not over head motor
There is an intake leak how do I find it?
Replacing a cat converter on this van! The Aftermarket item I am looking at says OBDII compatible...will this cat converter still work with the Old OBDI diag SYSTEM?? The O2 sensors are the interface with the OBDI diag SYSTEM sooo it shouldn't make any difference to the Actual Hardware...same size and shape from the PHOTO? I'm an Oregon resident so the EMMISION TESTING is no long a problem... the just want the part to work?? Any experience with this issue would be appreciated!
also the ob light is blinking on/off. one of the 2 fault codes says" Shift Solenoid E", Question are those solenoids or sensors located inside the transmission?. Transmission is operating normal don't feel anything wrong with it... Thanks. Rene.
I have no spark. I don't believe its the ignitor. I checked the d6 and d12 pins on the ecu/ecm. 1.8 ohms.]

thank you
check engine light is on, one diagnosis said the egr needs to be cleaned out. How difficult is this, can an amateur do this>?
219,000 miles. Also is the radio antenna connected to front windshield? Husband messed with seal around windsheld near antenna or rather drivers side. Ever since he did this my radio has static on every station.
The pump works with 12V when jumped but is only getting 3 volts. The fuse and relay are good. Don't know how to check the float sensor in the oil pan. It has 3 wires. My 1994 book shows two wires. I have a 1995.
2 months ago fullservice
1995 Toyota Previa LE/SC Van. Turn Signal lights are not ALWAYS working. I WAS TOLD THAT I NEED A NEW Turn Signal Flasher? How much does it cost to purchase the part? and change it? Can I replace it Myself?
Window gaskets cooked, window is going up outside of front gasket. Motor seems sound, not blown. However, window "Slips" violently forward during roll up. What is mechanism that connects motor to what pushes window up? How do I access? Thanks
I know 215/65/15 and 215/60/16 are the recommended sizes, just wondered if I could use other sizes. like 225/50/16, or 225/45/17.
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