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Tried to tern heating on but dose not work and how would I fix this problem
my egine light went on last night will on my way home from work, car had all it power no funny noises, only this morning I start engine just swing but does not start any help on were to check
And sometimes in D it lags and surges. Or if I'm cruising at around 45-55 and let my foot off the pedal it seems to I'm slightly braking. This all began after I was having starter issues, which I've seemed to have fixed. Although the starter seems to stick a little still. My mechanic replaced the TPS but that didn't do much. At 195k it's never really had a problem....but I will say for the past year or so if I punch it it definitely bucks around. Seems I need to ease into high speeds often. Thoughts?
it's been sitting in same spot for about 2 weeks, makes a weird sound when i start it, white smoke coming from muffler, had a hard time starting it at first, now start right away, its kinda cold, sometimes it get super cold a night(weather)
I've had this Previa for nearly 3 years. Two months after purchase I had a burnt valve replaced by my south Seattle mechanic. It cost me almost $2000. Two plus years later and I am in the same spot. 4th cylinder reads about 50 psi, while the rest of them read between 110-120 psi.

Should I seriously consider another repair for this engine?
Should I consider getting a new engine? (not really in the budget)
Are there signs/symptoms I should look for (I'm considering doing the repair myself)?
Could there be an inherent flaw in this used motor from Japan (2010) I am not aware of?

I love the Previa and would really like to hold onto it, but these repairs are seriously adding up! Thanks for your tips/advise.
The mechanic said the adjusting screw has been turned all the way down...what other options do I have? Trying not to spend too much $$. Thanks.
ca not find fuel pump wires under dash I changed F.P. relay but power no go to pump , anybody help me please.
we have replaced abs system we checked vac hoses we replaced the lines any ideas
where is it located
blower works great. Not overheating at all, heat works great till I stop at red light or pull over then blows cold. When I start driving again, it starts blowing heat until I stop or pull over... Any Suggestions??? Possible causes??? Am I harming the motor by continuing to drive when it has this ailment???? I did add antifreeze, but that wasn't the problem. Otherwise, Runs Perfectly... Someone said I need to replace the water pump.. is that correct?? ( I'm just another fella, not a Rockefeller ) Thanks in advance for your help....
Is this the egr valve? can I change it? Where do I get instructions & pictures
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