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Starts leaking fluids after it heard up
turned my truck on it's side, blew oil out spark plug holes, now when I try and crank truck it won't idle, cranks and idles for about 2 seconds and dies, pumping gas pedal does not help, like it's not getting gas. thanks
It is a new motor
I have power to the coil from the ignition assembly pack but no power going to the distributor or out of the coil at all and I pulled a coil and ignition assembly of a truck that was just running not even 4 hours before I put it on
any suggestions
we replaced the speed sensor but still not working fuses all ok
Okay so I was driving the day after I changed my clutch and it just randomly dies on me, I tried to bump start it and nothing. It turns over, and fires with starting fluid. I thought it was timing so I changed my distributor and again nothing. I also changed my mass airflow sensor, my coil, my plug wires, plugs, battery, grounds, terminals, my positive wire, starter, alternator, ignition and injectors. I've tested my fuel pressure it's fine and reads 62 lbs and fuel is getting to my fuel rail, tested all my fuses and they are good, I checked compression and there's 145 lbs to my front two and 160 to my back two. I am stumped. What could it be? Any ideas?
I just got this truck yesterday and it started doing this. It appears to have a pretty new distributor cap on it.I am cleaning the throttle body tomorrow. However, when I left the grocery store it stalled on me and quit(it was cold out today). I'm not really sure what could be going on with it. The check engine light is not on. it has 181K miles on it. My dad said the idle may be too low? I''m not sure. Can anyone give me any advice?
Please Help! Thanks!
I checked the battery and its fine.
Has a slight miss when idling. Also, idle fluctuates up and down.
This happen from 2013 when the milage 170,000, when I change the shift from D to R and back to D again, there is a delay like 5 second. I chek the oil, it was black and I did change the oil and put the transmisiion cooler to keep the heat low because I do not have the problem at all in the morning , and it is help me to drive the car another 20.000 until today Jan 2015. But since last week the delay getting longer and some time need to wait until the oil cool.I need advice how to solve this problem, thanks.
I replaced my 175,000mile 22re with a rebuilt one.
10,000 miles later I have symptoms of another blown head gasket
I have always suspected fuel-injection and emissions systems.
Any thoughts on the matter?
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