1994 Toyota Pickup Questions

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does the wire from the FC terminal at the harness from the intake sensor curcuit , does the wire run to the passenger side in the harness or does in run under the plenum or manifold?
I have a 1994 Toyota pick up truck 4x4 6 cylinder that i am working on and I'm just wondering if its normal that the 4x4 green light is always on?
When I stop the RPM's go to 0, then pick back up.Already checked the vacuum line, but the issue remains.Any suggestions??
My car started after replacing alternator, Reyes to start again doesn't do anything no lights no click just a buss when I insert key
I looked at both fuse and can't find it
In park or stopped when idling
hello all, I have 94 Toyota pickup 22re. I am having an issue with power loss. when the engine is in park or natural it will idle and rev up fine, but when I hold down the breaks and switch it either into reverse, drive, or low or high gear, the engine will almost die, or sometimes does die. it will usually stay running when I have it in gear but it idles bad and the engine shakes. but when I let off of the breaks when its in gear, shell start to idle a little better, but then when I apply the breaks again, it will start to idle poorly again. I am not sure what it is. I believe I have the timing right, and the houses are fine and are all in there places. not sure whats going on. thought maybe a break booster problem. I've had it for almost three years, it was my first vehicle and ive been working on it for a while. its just this problem is really puzzling me lol. id appreciate some help. thanks for reading.
Ive replaced the booster 3 times
can disconect cables resets for a couple of days
Keith a jumper on e1. And ttenmy Co eng let flashes codes 14 and 24. What problem does that indicate is wrong.
Eng. Starts runs 3 sec dies. Wn restart. Wait 5 or 10 min it starts runs fine . happens when Eng is hot. Unplugged mas
It started but idled low and rough. Plugged mas back in Wn start
Engine was running fine until I changed the coolant. Immediately the engine was idling badly and would just shut off after running 5-10 minutes.
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