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My 1993 Toyota pick up turns over and starts right up, runs perfec for 3 seconds, then dies. However, just as it starts to die, if I turn the key to the start position, of course the starter grinds, but it seams to cause it to run again for another few seconds and dies again.
Transmission was shifting fine before I've rebuild the motor. before installing it I've changed the filter and the old filter was clean .3 & 4 shifts at 3500 only after releasing the gas. I've already had it flushed. Motor just died once oil was low so Ive topped it off
The engine will shut off on its own and won't continue to idle. If I continue give it some throttle to keep the engine on and idle while driving it doesn't shut off until I come to a stop and idle will continue to drop and shut off so I need turn it back on with my foot giving it some throttle before it cranks over the engine will not turn on if don't give it gas so I'm driving it normal just when I come to a stop I have to be giving it gas to stay on when I stop
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It worse when the engine is warn shuts off right away
How long have you had this problem? A week
Replaced thermostat ,flushed control valve and core still blows cool heats a little on low blower when cold weather no heat
My cigarette lighter don't work
1993 Toyota pickup truck 2 wd automatic transmission. Where is the identification tags located.
1993 pickup 2wd 22r engine where are all 3 of the solenoids located
How do I adjust the kick down cable? It seems to be stuck all the way out with a lot of slack it's doing nothing
the turn signals are not working in front
the lights work in back the right is flashing rapidly the left front wont come on is the front single element and the back duel element
sorry forgot to include when the missing starts sometimes it starts running right again then check engine light comes on for a few seconds then goes off it is a intermittent problem i've had it run fine 150 miles no prob. stop kill it go into someplace for a hour or so get in it start it runs great go about 5 r 10 miles and the missing starts engine light comes on then off and it runs fine
starts and runs fine after it gets to normal temp it will start missing on one cylinder had a diagnostic ran on it showed a distributer sensor bad replaced distr. now it starts and runs fine until it gets to operating temp. then number 2 spark plug quits firing took distr. back got another one still doin the same thing mechanic ran another diagnostic and now it showed rpm sensor bad he hooked a rpm meter up to it and the rpms are showing but no fire on number 2 plug
Chapter loses power when engine light comes on turn the key on and off and runs good till the light comes on
I dont have fuse panel cover for the one in cab by driver side panel with fuse diagram. My dome light dont work and i need a fuse diagram to check for blown fuse
I have a 1994 Toyota pickup 22re you gotta pat the gas to start it it runs just fine but will not idle if you take your foot off the gas it dies what could it be
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