2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder Questions

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need to know if there is a fuel shutoff switch 2002 Toyota mr2 spydere
I shift into the next gear fine, but then it sudden gets more power for that gear
What seems to make the problem better or worse? If I'm going at a higher speed within the rpm's its
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
I have to use both feet on the peddles to start it. It idles so slow that it dies. I had fault codes p1646 p1647. I removed the fuse for a time and i unhooked the negative cable from my battery to fix the faults once i tried to start it the car sounded like it was out of gas or flooded but i pushed on the gas and brake/clutch and it started but wouldnt idle.
many owners of mr2's say never and dealers usually say yes.
While driving tranny goes to neutral, then it will not go back in gear. After waiting a while it will then resume. Sometimes goes days without screwing up.
What could cause this noise. It also has started backfiring.
the check engine light is flashing and engine runs rough on my daughters Spyder. My code reader says #3 cylinder mis-firing. It was in the dark and I had a flash light, my first thought was loose plug wire, and this seems to defy common sense but I could only find two spark plugs located upper rear which are readily visible with the hood up. I could not find the other two plugs.
I bought this car for my son and we loved it, after two weeks the check engine light came on and all OS were changed only to find that the transmission was bad. The guy who sold it to me said he would fix it. He bought another transmission from somewhere where all sales were final and when we got the car back they promised it was fixed. One week later the warning light comes on and the car kept stopping when I tried to back out of my parking space. It would not go into gear. Of course the person who sold it to me does not work there anymore and now I can't even find out if it was a locking ot non locking transmission to get it fixed. Any suggestions?? Please help...
Hi, there,
My driven car is 2002 toyota MR2 spyder, black ext.
I tried to find its hardtop from website in these days,
would you like helping me to find it or provide more information for me?
I live in B.C. of Canada.

Thanks for your attention.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a luggage rack?
My 2002 MR2 Spyder is starting to go through some serious amounts of motor oil. It seems to me to be the valve guides or packing. I wanted to know how difficult a job it was to do myself or if anyone knows of a good, honest and qualified mechanic in Northern NJ.


some times wo'nt engaged gear, thou it feels like something electrical because it wo'nt even acelerate until i put it in neutral or completely stoped and put it in neutral than go. Could be a speed censored of some type. oh it only happens after a while of driving not when cold. Thank You. your help will be deeply apriciated since im not a mechanic and no one i know seems to know much about this transmisions.
When i tried to start my car this morning, everything seemed fine until i turned the key and all I heard was a ticking from the engine. The battery seems to be charged since everything electrical works in the car. I used it the night before and everything was fine. Could it be the alternator or the starter?
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