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I had some black smoke come out of exhaust the car was not overheated and just lost power while I was in 3rd gear
I have checked the fuses in the main panel and that isn't the problem. I replaced a few of the bulbs so that isn't the problem. The headlights come on just fine.

A little background:
The tail lights were sometimes coming on and sometimes not. Sometimes one would come on and I'd tap on the other and it would finally come on.

A few months ago, I got in my car and had a dead battery and the culprit turned out to be that my brake lights wouldn't turn off. So I fixed that after watching a youtube video and it worked like a charm.

I went through a period of a few of months that didn't drive the car at all. When I did decide to take it for a spin, I found about 4 inches of water in the floorboard. My top apparently leaked because leaves had plugged up the drain filter...ugh! My radio no longer works but I'm not worried about that right now.
I got the water out and cleaned it all up and let it air out for another month.

I finally jump started it back up today and drove it around but neither the tail lights nor brake lights come on. I am not a mechanic but I am pretty good at fixing things if I know what to fix. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it. If it's too complicated I'll leave it to a pro but if it's just something minor I'd rather save my money. Thanks!
New rings included in kit. Would this solve the oil burning problem? (Have located a 2001 MR2 with 162 K on it; owner told me of oil problem and is willing to negotiate; car otherwise in excellent condition other than expected interior wear. Thanks. ELK(USNA'68)
ok so before, my car has been having problems. it was misfiring in cylinder 1 and 3 so replaced the sparkplugs, spark plug boot and the coil plug boot. i also gave it an oil change and everything seemed to be fine and i did this like 5-6 months ago but now recently the idle went really low to the point if im not going at least 5mph the car dies on me. it feels jumpy like the engine is overexerting itself and the whole car smells like burnt. white smoke is also coming from the engine so for now it is in my garage because even if i want to drive, the engine wont turn. it will start but it doesnt catch. anyone know what it could be?
The 02 sensor heater circuit, bank 1 sensor 2. Denso. Is this located on the right or left or underneath?
What is this code? Smog shop gave me this code.
The car drove very well but I'd like to know what's causing that check engine light. It is an older car but in excellant condition with only 78320 miles on it.
engine light is now blinking
I've had to replace the battery 3 times in the last 5 years. If I start it daily, the battery will have enough juice to start; but, if the car sits and is not started for 3-4 days or more the battery will be completely drained. Car has 30k miles and is garaged 1/2 the year with occasional starts during the winter.
vehicle also lurches,especially when cold or when wheels are cranked to either side. does not make noise when wheels are straight going forward or reverse.
history bought car about 1.5 yrs..replaced all 3O2sensors..replaced ect sensor..bleed system...replaced bank 1 sensor 2...replace cat converter a year ago..just had problems with misfire codes 0401 or 0301 mis fire in cylinders..random..only put about 30 on that code before i got it fixed..just picked car up ..drove about 20 miles and now i got the 0420 bad cat again..any help sugeestions recommendations..agh.....
My friend changed the clutch in his spyder, and he is having trouble getting the air out of the lines...any suggestions on bleeding the clutch line? Please and thank you my
My friend changed the clutch in his spyder, and he is having trouble getting the air out of the lines...any suggestions on bleeding the clutch line? Please and thank you my
where exactly is bank one censor one located in my 2001 toyo mr2 spyder.
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