2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder Questions

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it would turn over but wont start what could it possibly be
Dealer is quoting me $600 to install one wheel hub/bearing assembly. Seems outrageous to me.
Despite the cost of a roll bar which is about $600, how much is the installation fees?
ebuilt it, removed the cats and seems like timing is off? Help please

have been restoring a 2000 spyder from front to back. have pretty much removed and replaced every electrical component in the motor. ( except the computer and o2 sensors )
have had it on a hand held and made adjustments. seems like once we replace one item adjust the computer it will be decent for about a day and then
it looses power, gets louder like the timing is off, and when I pull up to a red light and stop I get an exhaust smell.

the idle fluctuates from 800 to 1000 . we just replaced the idle air motor as you could see the scoring on the inside of the old one.
ran good for a day and is back to smelling and running bad like the timing is off again.

we keep thinking we are getting an over fueling problem at this point. every time we replace anything we get it adjusted seems good for a bit and then it
starts to sound like the timing is off again and the smell returns. oh my god this has been a year project just on the motor.

Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated !!! thanks steve
Cable être he'd
Air blows butis not cool
After 100 miles no oil. The garage told me I needed a new oil plug, another oil change....about 30 miles no oil. Brought it back to them and they said it was burning the oil.!!! How can a car go 30 miles and burn that much oil? They said it was not leaking and my muffler had black soot which they said means it is burning it. What do you suggest?
is the timing chain tensioner located on the outside of the engine or does the timing chain cover (etc) have to be removed first?
why is it both tops ive had get a hole in same location (side) and is only easy to let down when HOT outside
My clutch is feeling soft and kind of slipping. I'm wondering how and where I can check the clutch fluid to see if that is the issue. The car has 87,000 miles on it, and I'm thinking that the clutch should last longer than that.
bought in houston drove to new orleans noticed hesitation at take off.Problem is getting worse. Runs good at mid range,falls off at top end,has no catbacks,1.8 liter engine,doesn't burn oil,just lacking power,please help if you can...
My Spyder is overheating. I have an idea why but I wanna hear what you guys think.
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