1993 Toyota MR2 Questions

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Which belt would it be and can it be tightened.
My mom's '93 Mr2 with 52k on it has the powersteering light come on for extended periods of time and then will go off. While this is occurring, the car has no power steering either. What can be causing this problem? Not one service tech can figure this problem out. If it matters, she purchased this car when it was new.
Have a 93 toyota mr2 this alternator belt broke one day on my way home replace the built the next day the car wouldn't start check the main alternator 20 amp fuse was blown replaced but the car still will not crank will turn over but wont start what could be the problem also I replaced the distributor cap rotor button and wires and plugs holding one of my old plugs and spark plug wire against the motor the motor does have spark was just checking something pulled the number 2 and number 3 plug wire and swap them in the car halfway started what could be the problem
I purchased a 93 MR2 from a friend. It has not been started in 1.5 yrs. Before it was put into storage, the owner did disconnect the battery. I plan on picking the car up Feb 17, 2015. Besides purchasing a new battery, what else should I check for in order to get the car running? The car was running great prior to storage.
Can't start Smog Check due to high idle.
the car has no spark. I have done the troubleshooting and determine that it is getting fuel but there is no spark at the plugs. I am getting power to the coil in the dist. From there i am not sure how to check if the pickup coils are working or is it the ignition coil not working or is the ecu bad
I have been told by service people that the clutch is usually also replaced.
LH axle seal is leaking, how do you change it?
The ignition lock cylinder in her MR2 will not turn most times. It's a manual so it's not a transmission shifter issue and the steering where isn't bound up. I know that those are 2 pretty common problems. If I have to replace the lock cylinder is there any tricks to making it easier?
Need to replace alt belt and a/c belt but not sure how to get to them?
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