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Hasetates to accelerate
Any speed over 10mph what sounds like a faint bell or alarm. Just sounds once when I hit the brakes, but every time I hit the brakes. Sounds like it is coming from below the dash.
Radio seems to work fine.
If I go over 70mph.
It happens when I step on the brake all the way.
I just had the engine replaced. Now I have had the code twice for P0907.
I was driving in the palmetto highway I passed under something since that time the wheel want to stay to the left side and when I accelerate the car shake
The emission control is "not ready" for inspection. There is no "check engine light" indicating something is wrong. I was told the car was not driven enough after battery died.
I changed the spark plugs and 3 out of 4 broke off so I had use an easy out to get them out and now it sounds like the piston is sticking what's the problem?
The yellow engine light came on early Sunday morning. I drove to church and back with light still on. My husband checked battery and found corrosion. He cleaned corrosion. Our mechanic friend stopped by. When he inserted and turned the key, the warning light was no longer on. My husband claims he didn't reset the warning yellow light. Is it possible for yellow warning engine light to turn off after battery corrosion is cleaned off?
1 side all worn the other 90% okay. At the same time no problem with the right rear pads other than a slight angled wear on both sides. Changed pads and within 2 years needed replacement again. Rear pads need replacing twice for every one time in front. currently at 60k km.
dial will only advance from face/feet position, to just left of feet only position, the stops. which precludes any defroster usage. what is wrong?
it doesn't do it all the time, it has only done it maybe 5 or 6 times
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