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in June one engine failed, started knocking look at dip stick and saw no oil at all. Got another and 5,000 km later driving along, knocking started and she oil on dip stick but plenty all over bottom of engine. I read a few reviews but nobody mentioned this. what are the chances though? It is def. not my driving on the second but ex-wife ran it from Halifax to here in second gear on first engine once, 350 km.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? no idea
How long have you had this problem? since 220,000 km
Alarm will not not work after it is locked eith remote. Light flash but but car can still be broken in to. Alarm does not go off
Car died, sat for 20 minutes & started, ran 2 minutes and died. Started next morning to load on transport to take to dealer. Dealer put computer on it for a whole day, ran parts with it and let idle. Ran perfect. Has run great for 30 days and now doing it again. No codes or lights.
No gas is delivered to the engine, in drive, and all it will do is move forward at idle speed. This happened at low speed, gong up a hill, and also on level ground at high speed, and once upon turning on the ignition, the transmission slammed into drive, and there was no response , just idling ahead, when I stepped on the gas.
I was told to get my engine replaced every 5 years.
I also had to get a valve adjustment.
Are these necessary?
How much to replace the transmission? :-(
how much does it cost to replace the front brake pads on the matrix?
How much should it cost to replace just the o-ring on the Timing Chain Tensioner on 2007 Matrix. I just had it repleced at the recommendation of the Toyota dealer at a cost of $123.97. Did I get ripped off?

downloaded Control Module Performance Code P0607, should I replace this module?
Just curious what you recommend for 2007 Toyota Matrix 30,000 mile servce. Please reply with your suggestions. THANK YOU.
The dashboard lights beginning with the day light goes off then back on within 20 seconds and sometimes does it again. It is random when it happens.
I am doing my basic maintenance this time and don't have any technical manuals. For the 30K maintenance I am to re-torque the drive shaft bolt and have not done this before, but now work at a place that has the correct tools and figured I could do it myself. What is the correct torque in foot pounds? Also is there one resource/manual that is worth having to do some maintenance and minor repairs myself? Thanks, Dave
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