2006 Toyota Matrix Questions

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Battery is good but car won't turn. Turn key on and check engine light doesn't come on.

my car has a code of PO420 that indicates that the bank I catalyst system efficiency was below threshold for a predetermined period of time. Do I have to replace the entire exhaust system or just the catalytic converter?

The cost of a replacement radiator and how difficult is it for a laymen to do.

The car is actually a Pontiac Vibe. I don't know the history of the car. I am looking to buy it from a friend who's daughter drove it to college. I drove it about 110 mikes yesterday. I put the scanner on it and got back PO 420 Catalyst efficiency below threshold and PO 741 Torque converter CKT Performance or Stuck Off. Car has 180,008 miles on it. Where should I start looking? I have felt a shudder once while slowing down from 70 mph. any help appreciated.

My mother, who lives in Florida, claims her dashboard lights come on when the sun is up, however, once it gets dark, the lights go out. I do not believe there is a light sensor that controls the dashboard lights.

When acceleratingthe sound gets louder....bad pulleys?

When I turn car off it will sometimes blow hot air.

running along on highway, car was running fine, started slowing down & just died. Heard slight ticking sound.

With my manual heating system selected to high heat, fan on, and air directed to the windscreen, I only get heat on the drivers side. When I select the air to flow through the dash and to the floor, I ony get heat through the extreme left vent. At no time can i get heat to the left side of the car, what could be my problem?

when i turn the ac on high, the car knocks really loud, but if you turn the ac off the knocking goes away, but then returns within seconds but it's not as loud. this is driving me nuts, sounds like something is loose, and it's not the motor because i just put a new motor in the car 2 months ago.

My AWD Matrix was Towed in NYC, and after that there's been a whining sound coming from the Rear, when going 20+mph had a local mechanic checked it out and confirmed it was coming from the rear Differential. the quoted price for parts and labor was $1700. sound fair? please let me know..