2004 Toyota Matrix Questions

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Drove to store,cars been fine but now won't start installed new starter,still no sound,is oil on alternator the problem?
Died While driving. I didnt notice right away since the radio was not affected and its a manual. After pulling over, they car would turn over but not catch then slowly stopped doing that. Now it wont turn over at all. Battery tested fine. What gives?
Please tell me what these codes have in common, po171-system too lean bank 1, Po133- o2 sensor ckt slow response bank 1 sensor 1, Po420- catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1, Po741- torque converter ckt performance or stuck off.. If any of them are connected to the other please explain to car idles rough and at times feels like it might die, my gas milage has sky rocketed and occasionally my lights will dim when the idle gets rough..I need to fix ASAP any suggestions?
replaced the vapor canister and replaced the gas cap with an oem.PO 442 code comes on
Brakes have been grinding for a little while now and I'm worried about the rotors being damaged from it. How could I at least get an idea of what condition they're in?
the codes coming up are 8-22-15 PO442, PO446, PO441. 442 and 446 came up twice on that date. Also 8-19-15 PO456 came up. I have a codes reader and have erased them but want to know if I should look into fixing them. I did have a evap code about 1-2 yrs ago but nothing until this.
I have 60000 on my Maxtrix. For 10 years I have driven it about 600- 400 miles each month in short trips to the store, etc. A long trip for me is maybe 15 miles. I need to spend about $1200 on this car (60000 check, new tires and battery) before Virgina's April state inspection. I'd like some ideas of how this usage impacts the life expectancy of this car's systems, both major and minor.
I was told if one breaks the other is not far behind and could break at any time so I should get it done before it breaks. I also was told they would help me see if the timing chain needs replacing but I now find out they never break. Don't know if that mechanic is reliable
My matrix is a 4wd and it tends to consume more fuel and I can smell the fuel whenever I switch off the engine please what tends to be the problem
My phone is ringing from inside my vehicle NO LIE and I have NOooo idea where it could be. My purse was tossed and my best guesses were somehow it slid down my emergency brake or down the air duct underneath my passenger seat. Any idea if these are possible?
after driving for lets say 10 min the transmission starts slipping on take of i changed the atf and filter and did a scan and shows bad speed sensor so i changed it scanned again and no error codes but the transmission still slips does gear slip shows on scan tool? and what could be the problem
hi i have a 2004 daihatsu sirion with 1.3 turbo engine and a tiptronic gear when i push the car hard the transmission gives wrong gears and the speedometer moves all over the place as soon as i let of the peddle the car downshifts real hard and slips gears please help
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