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I can find the top bolts, but it is obvious there is a third bolt. Where is it and how am I to get to it for both right and left headlight assembly? I'm not talking about a bulb, but the whole unit. The glass is so bad that I can't clear it so I will have to replace it.
Is it safe to drive 20 miles to the Toyota dealership, or should I have it towed? The light stays solid in park.
I was driving for approximately 20 minutes when all of a sudden my 03 Toyota Matix died for like about 5 seconds (everything shut down) and came back on again. It did this 3 times until I parked it and turned it off. It didn't want to start again at all, not even lights but, then it cranked like nothing had happened. When I turned it off it didn't want to turn on again.
Had a mechanic repair valve gasket for an oil leak. What should have taken him one day, took him three days. Ten minutes after driving away my check engine came on & the chain started making noise in my engine & vibrating my whole car. It sort of feels like a misfire but it's not (I had another matrix that misfired @ one point). I also stalled out twice while turning on & when I put it in drive another time. I'm trying to avoid having someone disassemble my entire engine to figure out whether or not he dropped something down my engine or something is very wrong. I had my friend's dad look @ it & he rewired the thing & put new engine coils, fuses, & a couple of sensors in it. My check engine light is still on after all of that. The guy who repaired the valve gasket says I hustled him (I asked for the money back because my engine was never acting like that before I brought it to him & he went budge on telling me what happened). Is this a common problem? Does anyone have any idea on what it could be? I need the car for school & I'm also a full time nanny who needs a car to drive the kid I nanny for. Any response would be appreciated! Thank you!
Locks keep on locking and unlocking by its self
I changed the thermostat and got the P0115 trouble code. I may have a faulty thermostat.
The noise is especially loud when I turn it on high.
All kinds of excuses for not repairing them. They don't know what causes it to explode - as stated in congressional hearings- but they expect me to drive it. Can someone disable it for me?
the battery drains real fast and has to be jumped off. Also, the alarm goes off when attempting to crank the car and it takes multiple tries to get it to start.
only been a little over a year since motor replaced in told motor mounts need replacing & power steering pump,wouldnt those be part of a new engine install???please help a.s.a.p.
It stays on & goes off like it is supposed to, when you first start it. Then it starts flashing & if you drive very long it stops just stays on.It just started doing this today.
This began about 3 weeks ago. STARTING was taking a little longer than usual, with less than full cranking power.

I suspected it was my 3 yr. old BATTERY, but ADVANCE AUTO PARTS says "NO." My battery tests GOOD.

Yesterday it would not START and battery seemed dead, but 5 seconds later I turned the ignition again and bingo, it started quickly??? Last night it would not even crank. The STARTER makes no "clicking noise" at all!

With HEADLIGHTS ON, and HIGH BEAMS ON, turning the ignition to START does not even dim the HEADLIGHTS? The lights are bright, the radio plays, and the STARTER will not turn at all.

I am disabled, on chemo and broke due to incurable bone marrow cancer. Is there a TEST for the STARTER? For the Solenoid? Is there a less expensive path to follow for this repair? Thank you!
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