2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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Brake padle goes on floor after change master clynder and brake boster.many time I bleed it.but still spongy.then I change brake routers and all calipers rebuilt.
Can any one help me to find out problume plz
The engine light is only on part of the time, but doesn't stay on.
Car strat's up but after a few swconds, it stalls. i've put it on tester but nothing was found.
cess. How do I connect or reset GPS. All I have is a black screen with the text 'need to connect to external carrier....
g fine but GPS system needs to be reconnected to external carrier? Any help is greatly appreciated.
How do I reset the alarm panic and does this prevent the car from starting
my 2007 petrol landcruiser wont rev past 3500 rpm and pulsing around that 3500 rpm mark
heduihh fhf
i cant get the cover of on my rear high mount brake light on my 2000 landcruiser personal carrier as i need to replace the globe
I have Landcruiser GXR limited 2007, I recently decide to upgrade the manufactarure keyless to alarm , so I ordered a full alarm system that came with remote start and auto window rollup. I have installed teh alram part and is working on the remote start, however I did not know how the auto window rollup will work since my car does not have this feature. is there a waqy I can connect this feature output from the new alarm to my car and get it to work ??
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