2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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Adjustable tilt works fine but "in and out" has failed. Suggestions?
I recently purchased a Toyota land cruiser LC5 automatic diesel, when I turn the indicators on left or right it makes an incredibly loud bleeping noise every time I use the indicators, it's a slightly different tone for the left and the right hand side. The noise is coming from underneath the passenger seat and sounds like a truck reversing. I've searched the manual and there is no indication of how to switch the sound off. How do I switch this off?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's always the same
How long have you had this problem? Been like that since I purchased the car
The light come on on the dash and it lose power once it put into drive
I took it in for the check engine light, a few hours later they tell me the gas cap is bad adn the leak detection pump is bad. Toyota gave them a price of $800+ for the part, labor about $105. Just wanting to see if this is jiving with anyone else????
#1.while driving down hill at 80 km/hr and if I apply break, the engine rpm will rise from 2 to 4 or 5 or another word from gear 5 quick change to gear 2 ???.

#2. My air conditioner in side the car some time produce bad smell like burning wire something like that??

#3. My CD player (original) could not eject. Can it be repaired or replaced with new original one?
The oil seal on the steering box drop arm keeps blowing out. Any ideas?
it only seems to happen about once every 15 times and has no other problems running and has recently started in the last 2 months. spark plugs have been checked and all good and have tried hooking the computer up to read the problems but is too old of a model to read. suspissions that it may be the anti theft security?
hello sir iam khadar ower work shop one complint chain timing mark arese i have set to new mark but no start many time setting what.s problem plese full timing diyagram plese inlet Ex cam mark crank crank balence shaft mark plese iam witining your answer sir on life critical me sir
I tried looking behind glove box, but still cannot locate the housing for a filter
1az disel engin for toyoya landcrposer model 2006
am having an error code C1330 and C1340
Yesterday we drove down Wolfe Creek Pass using the engin to brake the car. After we were down, we realized that the cruise control had been inadvertly left on, and now the engine light is on. The car seems to be running fine, but we have not turned on the cruise control. Can we safely drive our car the 200 miles home to our Toyota repair shop? We think we hurt the cruise control.
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