2005 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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landcruiser 100 series 2005 model won't start after left sitting idle for a few days. it cranks but won't start. no obvious noises.
Can a 2004 lexus gx470 abs module # 89054060300 work???
I have already replaced the gas cap & the purge solenoid the check engine light keeps coming back on after about 250-300 miles Evap codes??
Bought a Toyota Land cruiser 2005 V8 last week. After 2 days of use it started loosing power when accelerate and the RPM will not go above 3 mark. I have replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter. The throttle and Mass air folw sensor has been checked (replaced to other car of the same model and config to see if it is faulty and the throttle is fine). Throttle has been cleaned. It seems like the last owner has disconnected the check engine sign so can't get the codes.
The car runs very smooth if the RPM is below 3 but the moment I press the accelerator (idle or moving), car will vibrate as if the fuel is disconnected and RPM will not go above 3. Another symptom is that at first engine start, car will start and immediately shut down and then starts for the second time normally.
Recently I have fixed a leak in the stearing and replace gear oil, filter and diff oil. Car mileage is 190k.
Toyota mechanic says that fuel used in the vehicle is not hi-octane .. when injector cleaner is used vehicle stops missing ... But restarts missing if its not used agin on refueling there a problem with the fuel or the injectors ..?
Say that while attempting to jump start my 05 v8 lc the terminals crossed and it went pop. Checked for blown fuses. which there were some that I replaced with the same type and nothing except the headlights, warning lights on the instrument panel and hazards work now. However, the vehicle will start and run but I have to use the shift release button to get it in gear.

I've attempted to check all fuses and relays to the best my ability and can't find a problem. I drove it up to autozone to get a diagnostic test run and they are unable to get the machine to power up due to lack of anything electric working inside the vehicle except the warning lights.

Any advice would be great. Thanks
Hi. I would like to know how many batteries cell inside the Landcruiser 2005.
How much should it cost to replace the pivots in the emergency brake system?
I cannot get the "maintenance required" light on the dash to go off. I have reset all the maintenance dates. I have turned the ignition to the on position and held down the mileage trip meter button that is supposed to get it to turn off. It stays lit. Any suggestions? All the maintenance is current.
when the side lights are switched on (front spot lights are wired into same circuit)after 10 min approx the 10 amp fuse will blow,any ideas why?
Have a 6 cyl diesel Landcruiser which once at over 80 miles per hour has the direct and responsive steering.This can be felt just driving in a straight line. suspension and all steering components in good condition.what could possiable cause be
how can the auto door locking feature be de-progamed
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