2002 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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The noise is louder and more persistent in hot weather. Turning up the fan speeds does not result in a faster click. Activating vent buttons sometimes switches it off for periods. The sound emanates from behind the central dashboard panning.The aircon is leaking water onto the passenger side floor.
Yowling noise: took to dealer because had power steering leak, yowling noise and some new vibration under drivers side floor board. Dealer replaced pump, rack, wheel bearings, CV boots and the power steering pump is still making a failing noise and the yowling is still there...and getting worse. They say it's the alternator-would the alternator actually be responsible for such a loud yowling? Do you think they really replaced the power steering pump?
the transmission shifted hard at sometimes. yesterday I was on the highway and lost all forward and reverse gears. coasted to the break down lane and was towed home. this morning I started the truck and have drive, reverse, 2nd and low all back. anyone have any suggestions?
Car model: TOYOTA ALPHARD-V 2004 2400cc
Ive been told that this is a Oxygen Sensor and is going to cost $600 to replace it (Toyota Dealer - Western Australia. Would this be right?
while driving trac light (green) came on dash board and car started shutting down.
The drivers door electric window works fine but none of the other windows work at all from any of the door switches including the main one on the drivers door.
The car has been stood for about a month and I was wondering if water has got under the bonnet and damaged something. I have checked all the fuses and they seem ok. I have never had a problem with the windows before.
Please provide your recommendations based on studies or surveys...and why?
My 2002 LC cant drive in 2 wheels drive, whenever i put it in drive or reverse it make a grinding. I put it in 4 wheel drive and it run good.
is there a reset switch on the fuel pump?
How do i protect my catalytic converter,from malfunctioning.Is it true that transmission oil does a excellent job when thrown into the fuel tanK when refilling
The vechile in question uses deisel oil and has a catalytic converter. my mechanic told me that transmission fluid is a excellent fuel injecter cleanant when used when refilling , can this cause any damage to my engine or clog up my catallytic converter.
We currently have an '02 Toyota Land Cruiser. For the last 1.5 years, we've had issues with it -- issues that no one can seem to resolve or repair. The problem is this -- you are driving along going 70 mph, and while you are pressing on the gas, the car starts slowing down (25+ mph in the matter of seconds). This is while you are steping on the gas. Another issue, is when you step on the gas there is a hesitation. It seems to be related to the other issue that I mentioned. Any idea what might be causing these issues?
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