2001 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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Have changed battery in key. .disconnected battery to clear memory. Checked bonet switch etc
the locks work but they sometimes stick causing them to either not open or close without opening doors manually with key

and its only on the drivers side....front and rear
help ?
There is no Speedo or Cruise Control. Rear speed sensor has been replaced by dealer but without solving problem. Do you have a solution for this problem as I have to tow a caravan next month.
Thank you Russty.
hi im from iceland and i have a problem, my left mirror is in the right place but always when I start the car the mirror turns away from me about 50° clockwise and i have to open the window and pull it back with my hand. is there a reset button or any way to reset the mirror.
factory number:jt111vj9500075621
is it on gearbox ?
2001 Toyota Landcruiser with 110,000 miles in good condition with standard maintenance completed. Feel occasional slight thumping when pressing or depressing accelerator pedal?
Need to change out a light bulb in the rear tail gate, how to I access it. The carpeting must come off,,How ??? Thanks
The bolts came loose on the driver's side power window regulator and the glass dislocated. I replaced the bolts and the window goes up & down. But when I use the one click feature (the 2nd detent on the switch) the window goes all the way up and then reverses and goes half way down.. If I use the manual up (1st detent on the switch) the window goes up and stays up. any help?
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