2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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very random times- sometimes in winter or summer. never any similar situations like rain, car wash, etc..
My Land cruiser's AC emits a unfamiliar smell via vents. The AC drain tube is leaking/dripping on front passenger floor board, and AC is making weird noises (horn sound) at random times
When I start my LC at various times in the last several months, there is a high pitch screeching sound for around two seconds. It sound like my starter maybe on its way out. Please advise ASAP! getting
mechanic says likely a coil or spark plugs. also says possible bad valve and would need an entire new engine. Just bought the car for 6K and had it checked before purchase. It just had it's 200K service less than 10k ago. was well cared for but did I just get taken?
The temp of the engine apears to be ok
Traction control light illuminates for no reason and locks right front break weekly
We have replaced the two valves i think something to do with the injectors
clanking from either tranny or drivetrain. mechanic didn't want to change tranny oil due to "cavities." he said it might be nothing wrong.
A couple of years ago the stereo/radio/digital clock,etc. would come on intermittantly. You could drive quite a while then turn the motor off and when you restart it would not come on again. It got to be less and less that it would come on. Now it doesn't come on at all and the power side view mirrors don't work electronically and there has been a few times where the windows don't always respond.
my 2000 toyota landcruiser cranks but will not start. it was running fine before i parked it, then when i went back to start it, only cranks... I confirmed the fuel pump is working, and found there is NO SPARK at the plugs. no DTC codes...
I had one ignition coil go out. The repair place suggested to replace the one only at $240. complete. I asked if replacing the spark plugs or the other coils would be wise and they said to carry an extra coil in the vehicle if traveling in the backwoods or something so I could install it myself.
Are ignition coils prone to go out and what amount of miles does the timing belt usually go out? thanks
I have a 2000 Toyota Land Crusier. On several mornings recently, when I go out to start the car, it does absolutely nothing. It doesn't click, it doesn't struggle to turn over; it just doesn't respond. On the third try or so, it fires up and gives me no trouble the rest of the day. There aren't any indicator lights flashing and the battery is fairly new.

I took the car to a mechanic and he said it would take 4 hours to remove the manifold to diagnose the problem. He also said any repair would probably cost thousands.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Just wondering if someone can tell me how to overhaul my power steering pump?
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