1999 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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I was running with low fuel & low fuel lights were on.Car started shaking so I went put some gas in.As I accelerated the Engine light came ON & as I slow down the Engine light disappeared but still shaking.I popped up the hood I smelled burning in engine area.
I have 1991 model Toyota Prado Land Cruiser. It has a 2L engine with automatic transmission. Recently I am facing an issue with it. It works perfectly fine in forward gears but if I apply any other gear like neutral or reverse it still goes forward. Have checked everything but couldn't find any issue . Seems forward gear doesn't get disengaged. Pls help.
Begins as soon as you start vehicle , until you turn it off.
ABS and brake dash lights lit
can push the button but will stay on.even in vent or floor tried to just pull the ac fuse till summer time but the blower wont work with out it. so the compressor is always on bringing my gas mileage down
This oil warning light keeps flickering especially when the Car is gliding when am revving the light disappears but flickers again.The Car just got serviced about a two months ago.Everything else is normal the temperature is all ok.
I have checked all the doors and pulled the positive pole on the battery to try to reset. What should I do. Budget is little. Truck is mainly used for off road.
The alarm keep beeping when vehicle is cranked up.I have tried servicing the abs pump and the caliper,and the problem still persist.
Need to access fuel pump, I was told to take out the second row seat. If that correct then I need a diagram of the fuel pump.
Just like others - windows sluggish or not working at all using driver controls. Intermittent now but I'm sure it will fail hard soon. Where is the term located?
I've had exhaust system looked over, few leaks repaired, but much louder than used to be. Started 6-8 months ago. I've heard the v8 99 TLC do experience cracked exhaust manifolds. Have 185,000 miles on vehicle now. Seems to be abnormal when I drive uphill to my home ( live in mtns Colorado) between 1000 and 1500 rpms. Still have power just louder than I like, like a hole in muffler. Must need new exhaust gasket or manifold is indeed cracked??????
changing where can I locate one and what is the cost? If I change this valve would it iliminate the problem
On a 1999 Land Cruiser can the IAC be successfully cleaned or should I replace it?
Does the 1999 Land Cruiser have a fuel pump access panel under the 2nd row seat carpet?
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