1998 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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Hi. So my Land Cruiser 90 automatic transmission is late to accelerate.
When i step on the gas it takes a while for it to engage but even when it does i can go very slow and rpms are high. I also noticed a big leak bit it’s hard to identify because its all over the front. Any ideas what is leaking? Thanks
It goes click, click, click when it is driven.
It drives in four wheel drive but cant drive in regular gear

What seems to make the problem better or worse? cold will not run
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
My wioers are not turning, although the rear wiper still works
Went through a car wash and water poured through one corner of the closed sunroof. Water also came in on the far left side on the driver's side.
it's has beefy austrailian suspension and aggresive tires that look worn...i rode it around the city for a few hours and when i turned it off, there was a boiling sound coming from the motor...just purchased it w/140k miles, what should i do for service to be safe and what about the rough noisy ride (tire change? or suspension/cv boots/etc check) and boiling sound from engine! i hope its not a lemon, it's so cool. thank you for any advice.
The O/D light of my 1998 diesel Prado flashes only intermittently. Most of the time, the vehicle drives fine. But sometimes the O/D light starts flashing. When that happens, two other things happen: (1) noise starts coming from engine area (not sure exactly where.. sounds like a loud 'out of tune' diesel truck), and (2) significant power loss in low gear/start up hills. My mechanic thinks it my be (1) a blown transmission; (2) fuel pump problem; or (3) "some kind of electrical problem". Not very promising.. I live in Kenya so skilled technicians and diagnostic systems are hard to find and pricey to access. Any suggestion?
When I replaced the low beam bulb (drivers), it still does not work.
When I swithched out the bulb with the working side (passenger) it still would not work.
In addition, the adjacent bulb (next to...bullet like)is also out.
vehicle runs fine in forward but cannot drive in reverse as engine runs rough and will stall
What would the normal cost for the part or parts and for the labor be?
Really bad during stop and go,slow speeds, etc. Never happens at speeds over 20. Sounds like it is underneath maybe near the rear or middle of the vehicle. Kind of sounds like a deep throated duck honking, or a loud rubbing sound. Hard to describe, but very audible and can sometimes feel the noise. Can go for a few weeks not hearing it and then it returns for a couple days. Seemed really bad this evening in traffic, plus cold temps maybe. Dunno.
I had 3 dealership mechanics in the past 4 years tell me the CV boots are leaking and need to be replaced. I looked and don't see any leaks. Is this realy necessary? I had a friend tell me he drove his vehicle for 4 years with no CV boots, it rode like cr@p but still worked. My LC drives like a champ with no noise. Any opinions out there?
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Where is the starter located please?
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