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My LAND CRUISER, VX 1997, refuse to automatically shift to 530th gear from 430th gear. Gearbox have just been overhaul last week, but problem still remain. What needs to be the cause and what needs to be change? TPS, Throttle Position Sensor, or SHIFT SOLENOID? Or is it other problems that I need to check and replace?
the problem just started. windows dont go up, air conditioner does not work, control panel as well.
our 97 TLC heater control began flashing lights in the control panel and than stopped working all together. took it toyota and they said it was the heater control panel itself and it was 700 bucks to replace it. well we found one and repalced the unit i am a Ford tech. so installed the control unit and all lights work. you can hear the blend doors opening and closing and fans trying to come on. all the light work also. t The issue we are having now is there is an audible clicking noise on the driver side it sounds like the same clicking type noise from the hazards, but the fan shuts off and comes on with the clicking noise. Relay ?
I have never been able to find "SN" sae 5W30 oil for my 1997 4.5L landcruiser. I worry that perhaps there are additives in this "SN" oil that maybe lacking in the local parts store offers/carries. I can only find SJ, SL, etc. My question asks what oils/fluids should i really be using or are what im using suffient.

What should i be using for my engine oil/where to get that?

What fluid/oil do i use in my transfer case? Where do i get those?

What gear oil/fluid do i use in my differentials? Where do i get those?

Is synthetic better or required in said landcruiser?
My Cruiser has 315,000 miles. It is time to do something- low oil pressure, burning some oil- can't part with it. How mush should it cost to rebuild or replace an engine? I have changed oil religiously and has been regularly cared for- very few problems
It done it in the past so I changed the distributer cap and rotor, the plugs and leads, coil, fuel filter, checked fuel pump,through bridging. Not overly sure wether it's electrical or fuel related. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Tryed the process of elimination but not sure what to look for, whether it's electrical or fuel related. Any ideas ?
It has done it in the past so I changed the fuel filter,coil, distributor cap and rotor,plugs and leads then it's been running alright until now, the same problem again.
after i finish to change the head cylinder gasket
I am having a problem when I press my brake pad. There are times when they are mushy (When I haven't driven for a hour or so) If I experience frequent stops, then they may become hard at the next stopping point and all I have to do is barely touch my brakes and they will stop the truck. I am noticing a vibration in my steering wheel when my brakes are hard as if the calipers are not retracting like they should. During the times when my brakes feel hard my truck seems as though my brakes are engaged when I am driving and it appears to want to stop the truck. I sometimes smell a burning odor and see smoke coming from my front passenger brakes. The smoke doesn't occur daily but everything else is a daily occurrence.
Whilst driving on level ground, the brakes work fine. when the brake pedal goes to the floor (upon going over a bump or down a pothole) and then the road conditions are level again the brakes revert to working fine.
The A/C runs great on short trips around town. Fan works fine. After about an hour in the car on the interstate at (70 mph) there is a strange smell and then the air temperature begins to warm. At first it is cool and finally is as hot as the heater. This first started last summer and took to two different shops. Last one wrote "components freezing replace evap core, receiver drier, expansion valve, and thermistor and all o-rings. Drain evac and recharge." Obviously not the problem. Heater worked fine all winter. Help! I LOVE this car and everyone is telling me it is time to sell.
while cruising, engine started hesitating, no acceleration for 1-2 seconds then kick back in. Engine died while driving 50mph. 1/8 tank of gas. Filled tank. Engine cranks but doesn't start. First few attempts to start, once I let off of key, it seemed like it was trying to start. disconnect fuel line before fuel filter. Not getting normal fuel flow to fuel filter. no diagnostic codes registered.
Hi,thank you so much in advance! My 1997 land cruiser battery light has been coming on but after driving for 20-30 miles it goes off. When I crank it in the morning to leave for work the engine revs like the idle is too high. It continues to rev even while driving for about 20 miles. Today on the way home from work it started revving and did not stop. When in neutral or park it's as if my foot is on the gas revving the engine. The battery light is on now and won't go off.
my gas gauge dose not work not even the needle help.
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