1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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Mechanic seems to think it is the evaporator for the AC. to complicate things we live in Central America, so I'm not sure he's diagnosing anything electronically. It appears that this part of the system is hard to access. the conversation is in Spanish so I didn't catch everything on the phone, but I am going to go and speak to him in person, what questions should I be asking?

I was going up hill in reverce when it ran out. I know better but I kept on starting it up , now it just turns over but don't start.....HELP

1980 series VX 4.2 TD

Got low pressure gage level and a loud grinding noise while driving.

location of fuel reset switch

A/T light, temp light, oil light, turbo light, timing light etc - every light that glows when you run the glow plugs is continuing to glow when engine running.

I replaced the compressor, expansion valve, evaporator and dryer. Evacuated for one hour, filled withe 4 oz of PAG oil and 30 oz of r134a, but the coolest that it will get is 60 degrees. Low pressure is 38 psi and high is 305 psi.

95 Landcruiser, 113,000 miles, idles high all the time from 2k-2500k in park 1500 in gear.

Both issues are intermittent. Any ideas?

Is there a way to bypass electric motor on drivers seat to move back? Driver's seat too close to steering wheel...power seat not working

Is there a way to bypass power to move seat back, Seat is too close to steering and electric not working

I've own a 95 land cruiser, When i open the driver door or any to get in the vehicle...all the lights within the dash starts to flicker and a control pace. When i stick the key in the ignition and start the vehicle, it all stop and goes to normal as if nutting happen. Is it a low-battery problem or a security system problem?

When cruising [60 mph] the torque converter will cycle through unlocking and locking. Occurs most often when on an up hill grade, even slight. All other functions are normal. Vehicle has 182K miles.

The ac is not working at all. Even when I believe it to be off, I can feel hot air blowing low through the vents. I mean the air feels as if the heater is on. Even though as stated the ac is not working, the off button is engaged and the dial is all the way to the left (blue on the range.)

The dash light for "door open" as well as the interior lights flicker constantly. Also the door locks and unlocks on its own at times. I also have an issue with it not wanting to start at times. It will start just fine, then it want do anything but click, then it will start just fine.