1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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Brake fluid level is okay and fuse is intact.
The noise is a knocking or bumping coming from the front end. Straightening out the wheel eliminates the noise. What do I need to replace to get rid of this issue?
I just changed my oil mobile 1 8 quarts and great oil pressure, but oil light still comes on and off while driving anyone help
I don't know where they are located, or how to test them. I have always thought there was a cable that turned to show how fast you are going
Is this a problem default or brake problem. 230,000miles and it's only problem except improper automatic shifting. Shifts fine manually
I have a 1994 Toyota land cruiser and it seems to have an electrical problem. I've replaced the battery and the alternator. Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated.
I own an 80 series land cruiser wagon 1994 model and recently the parking brake light on the dash won't turn off when the parking brake has been released. The parking brake is completely off but the light won't go away, what could that mean?
can someone help me with this matter? I turned on my car and started just fine, i went to do a couple of stores with my kids and right on our way back home, the truck wont star. I tried jump starting it with a emergency jumper, someone gave me cable, and it wont even crank or make a noise. i was ready to call the tow truck but i decide to start it one more time after a couple of minutes and it did started. this happens a lot lately. I disconeted the alarm but it just keep happening. please help me.

thanks everyone
It does not appear that power is getting to the motor. Is there a fuse that I could look at? Or any other suggestions as to what the issue might be? Nothing happens when I the switch to open or tilt.
3inches. no matter what 4x4 selector is in
error shows when gas tank is filled, Erg modulater replaced, Erg pipes cleaned. Help
When I try to accelerate it feel like it is starving for gas. When the car warms up it runs fine.
The switch seems to work when flashing the high beam headlights, but they will not come on when I engage the high beam switch
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