1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

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when driven for long distance and then switched off,when try to start again ,it won' t start until cools for about 1 hour,then will start .
I've changed mass air flow meter. Plugs ,cap, wires and rotor. Even changed evap canister because of tank pressure.
A/T temp light on, red light above battery on. Have replaced battery, primary ignition under hood, new cap & rotor. Land Cruiser died 2 weeks ago.My son, a mechanic is running out of ideas.
please help me
thank you
The radio has stopped working and there is an image of a key highlighted on the right side of the radio. The display reads "sec" and nothing works. Is there somewhere I can look on the car for the security key? Is it a series of digits or a set button sequence I need to push? Can I reset the code somehow?
Seems like it wasnt getting gas so I replaced the fuel pump and filter.. now it is backfiring outta the "choke" and every first try it wants to start but dies out. wont stay running. checked fuel pressure manually, replaced fuel pressure regulator (which never had a oring or seal and I have on order). cleaned out the cold start injectors
Our toyota starts fine everytime but won't run longer thn 15 to 20 minutes before it cuts out and won't restart for about an hour. Have been told it could be a sensor but seems similar to vapor lock. Could it be the fuel filter. This has drove us mad now for a couple years as most of what we have found on-line seems to not work. Please help. This is a west coast usa truck so has california emm.
on radio code sec is shown
reset check engine light is on
Le probleme survient a chaque sortie
Le mecanicien a deja revise le radiateur
il pense que le GASKIT CYLINDER HEAD est la cause
Je n'ai pas de code diagnostic
The driver side power window will not go up or down even though the motor runs. What can I co?
my truck idals foughf did a complete tune up plugs E3s 8.8mm wirers brass cap roter air cleaner
photos for how set timing belt
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