2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Questions

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The remote key fob will unlock doors, but not lock them. The same is true with the door armrest switches: they will unlock the doors, but not lock. All other functions on car are normal. I am told I have a faulty Junction Block, OEM part #: 82730-48F22. I'm pretty handy if I could get some guidance in removing and replacing. Also wonder if the car computer will need reprogramming before it will run. Thanks!
does anyone know where I can get a copy of the maroney new car label that comes on a new vehicle? When I worked at at dealership a copy could be gotten with the VIN number
I have recently purchased a used 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid & cannot get any of the controls to program to my rolling code Liftmaster garage door opener. It has not been a problem on 2013 Lexus RX350 or the 2006 RX400h I had previously; I have
to preform with the auto controls that will reprogram the system and get the hatch operating again?
when placing material in rear of vehicle, door was being opened with remote control part way open and then a person opened it by hand the rest of the way. now it will not operate on remote (when remote is pushed ether the hand or the one in the car it beeps but will not operate the door. you can open the door by hand and the auto lock works.
I recently backed into a small shed and cracked the clear plastic on my tail ligfht, how hard is this to replace and what is the replacement cost?
My new Highlander which is only 1 month now has the following message U110 Lost Communication drive motor control. Can this be fixed or is bigger problem waiting ahead with the car? Should I ask for my $ back?
When I try to pump gas into my new highlander, the fuel hose keeps shutting off as if the tank is too full. I have to literally drip the gas in at an extremely slow rate or it shuts the hose off.
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