2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Questions

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Highlander hybrid 2009
I have changed the spark plug 3 times now and I switched cylinder 3 with the coil in cylinder 2. It is still misfiring in cylinder 3. What could it be?
Car will not run
The overhead console components have been slowly failing one at a time: first the door lights, then the overhead light switch, now the garage opener. Any ideas what is happening? (Not a fuse issue)
The dashboard tire pressure indicator has 5 pressures listed, but I cannot find which one is associated with which tire. For example, is the first indicator the front left? The second indicator the front right? etc.?
The Tire Pressure Warning is sitting on my center console screen, the warning lights are on. I checked my tire pressure and they are ok. I want to turn off the warning but it wants me to go to the dealer. We have a 1,000 mile trip to look at this. Any suggestions on how to reset it? The normal hylander tire pressure reset button that is below the one off switch at the end of the molding is empty. (you have to get on your back on the floor to see there is no longer a reset switch in that location). Any help would be appreciated!
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